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    Example Post

    Post by Smithbeard on Sun Sep 20, 2015 12:07 am


    Generica lands amid the frozen sands of a desert isle; the whim of a god, now neglected as the world grew dark. With a brush of his hand, he tapped the ice, which shattered, and soon spores poured forth to colonize the sand. The land grew damper and danker, to accommodate the budding greenery.

    (random excerpt from a previous DoW game, quite a short / uneventful post)

    (if descriptions in the text aren't enough, include a gyazo of the map area of interest)

    Actions: -3 Shape land, -2 Shape Climate (taken from the rulebook)

    Points: 10

    Points Earned: 8 (product of rolling 2d6)

    Points Spent: 5 (product of actions taken)

    Points Leftover: 10 + 8 - 5 = 13

    Divine Influence: 1.4 (Lesser Deity)

    Divine Influence Earned: 0.1 (passive gain)

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