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    Halo OOC: Endurance of Man


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    Halo OOC: Endurance of Man

    Post by Matias123 on Sun Sep 27, 2015 12:21 am

    The Endurance of Man

    The war between the species of the Covenant and the Humans have raged across The Milky Way for a decade and a half, leaving the years in its wake with millions dead, on either side. The War is at its peak, Total War.

    Mankind has always endured perils that have threatened their species, but that was from within. Man against man. But now? The rules have changed, the team's fixed. All of mankind has united against the Fanatical league of Alien Species, who call themself the “Covenant”. Ever since the incident on the planet of Harvest, the Covenant has been reaping human settled worlds one after one, laying waste to countless lives. But Mankind does not bow down so easily, even in the face of a superior force, superior firepower. The UNSC Navy and Marine Corps have been the only thing in the way of total annihilation so far. And the head of the two branches? Admiral Preston J. Cole. Through his genius tactics, the UNSC have been able to hold back the Covenant, allowing some breath space. With the loss of the Leonis Minoris system, the Admiral have issued the Cole Protocol. The protocol issues for no non-UNSC ships to leave their designated systems, this is to prevent the Covenant to simply raid a supply ship and steal its datacore, which contains the coordinates to Earth. The same could happen to UNSC ships, which are why a self-destruct sequence of the ship is a must if the Covenant have clearly defeated and boarded the ship.

    With the Covenant being close to eradicate all life on the outer rim, Admiral Cole have created a Task Force to be able to quickly strike and leave. Using guerilla and spec ops tactics. The codename of this taskforce is Buzzard Wings.

    OOC: How I mean to run this FRP is that players will be given the means to control a ship and its crew, within the Fleet. Details on what type of ships and species will be detailed further if there’s interest for this.

    This FRP will be roleplayed on both the forums and skype. The forums will be used as an Action board, where the players will write about the actions the ship and its crew will take, alongside some additions on how the atmosphere is on the ship or if an event occurs on the ship. Battles and real life scenarios will be done through Skype.

    Feedback are always welcome! (Sorry if there’s grammar mistakes!)

    Character Template:

    Name of ship:
    Name of Captain/Leader:
    Name of AI And Avatar:
    Name of possible lieutenants:
    Brief Backround (Optional):

    Ship type (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1an3fuzuj-UUz6K3kFIsHHFrKt9QuIKfDCH72HFl2Fro/edit) :
    Non - Combat Personnel: (300 - 500)


    Name of ship: Trapper’s Den.
    Name of Captain/Leader: Captain Clementine Tillers.
    Name of AI and Avatar: Ser Rickard of York, clad in plate, hosts a vicious mustache, bald.
    Name of possible lieutenants: First Ensign Martin O’Greych - Sergeant Major Albert Virenzo - ODST Captain Jacobs Anderson.
    Brief Backround (Optional):

    Ship type (Selection of ships) : UNSC Charon Light Class Frigate.
    Non - Combat Personnel (300 - 500): 400.

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    Re: Halo OOC: Endurance of Man

    Post by Smithbeard on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:21 am

    Halo is cool. Run through what a typical turn might look like though, what sort of stuff would we be doing?

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    Re: Halo OOC: Endurance of Man

    Post by Klamaak on Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:40 am

    i'm kinda interested. pls elabor8 on what it'll be like

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    Re: Halo OOC: Endurance of Man

    Post by Matias123 on Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:32 pm

    Right'o, still a tad unsure on how to do turns, but if you see room for improvement in the example below, do tell!

    The skirmish that is mentioned in the Captain's Log is an example on what might occur during a Skype Session.

    Example Post:

    Trapper's Den

    Ship's Status: 2 Health - 1 Armour
    Manageable, sustained heavy fire during a skirmish with the Covenant, will require repairs soon as possible.

    Crew's Status: Minor losses, five died, twenty injured.
    Crew numbers: 1040 + 95 Vehicles.
    Garrison: 600 Marines + 50 ODSTs.
    Non - Combat Personal: 395.

    Captain's Log:
    3th January - 2540

    "Computer, password; TillerClem132. Initiate recording."

    I'll keep this short as I've always done. The Trapper's Den was recently ambushed by a Covenant Kig-Yar CRS - Light Class Cruiser, as we were patrolling the border leading to the Leonis Minoris system.  I am still unsure if the Kig- Yars was Covenant aligned or not, one can never been sure with those reptillian birds. No matter, we managed to rout the enemy ship when Fiery Mace and Tooth Nail, two fellow UNSC Charon Light Class ships, came to our aid. We pursued it for a while, but decided to call off the hunt when we began to get -too- close to the Leonis Minoris border. It recently fell to the Covenant, haven't heard a noise from those parts in ages.

    A hologram appeared beside the Captain as she sat behind her desk in her office. The hologram was the ship's AI, Sir Rickard of York, whom the AI had been programmed to appear and act as. This was to maintain some "Humane" social abilities between crew and AI.

    "M'lady Clementine, a message from Admiral Preston J. Cole. He's recalling us from the front, we're to join his host at the planet of Reach within the week. The reason? Classified."

    The Captain offered the AI a curtly nod, which Sir Rickard accepted with a courteous bow, he soon vaporized into nothingness.

    Computer, end recording.

    >Report & Actions:

    • Routed a Kig - Yar CRS Light Class Cruiser.

    • Recalled back to Reach to hook up with Admiral Preston's ship - fleet.

    • Repairs most of the damage gained from their confrontation, the outer hull of the ship at the left - rear will require special repairs from an UNSC Ship Station. ( -2 Armour until repaired. )

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    Re: Halo OOC: Endurance of Man

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