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    [OOC PYOA] The Fifth Age - Intro & the Gods


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    [OOC PYOA] The Fifth Age - Intro & the Gods

    Post by Klamaak on Mon Oct 12, 2015 4:19 pm


    [Introduction to the Setting]

    This pick your own adventure FRP game will take place in the Runescape setting, more than a few decades prior to the dying years of the Fifth Age, in a time where the world was yet rife with discovery and often times subject to radical change for better or worse. The Church of Saradomin, still in its prime, is starting to feel the ripples of illumination run through the lands of man and clings on to their faith with iron determination, intent on curbing the flow of knowledge out of fear that their god and religion will lose relevance in the face of revelations that would later follow.

    The fifth age is known as the Age of Man and naturally follows up on the events of the fourth age known as the Age of Mortals, when non-humans still frequently interacted with the Kingdoms and hamlets outside of their own lands. The end of the fourth age wasn't long after Rune Essence, the magical mineral once used to craft spellcasting runes with, was rediscovered by human mages desperately in search for a solution to their dwindling, finite source of runes that were gifted to them in olden times.

    This is an unstable period in Gielinor's past where humanity's influence frequently comes to clash with that of the other races as they rise to become a dominant culture and centerpiece to most if not all of the world's conflicts from there onward, as well as creeping onto the scholarly scenes with refreshing theories on the workings of rune magic that has for so long been an integral part of the human way of life, and will gain prominence during this great cultural awakening.

    It is during the early fifth age that wizards from all walks of life set aside their religious differences to found the first Wizard's Tower, built on the uneasy common ground all wizards share; a love for research and an endless quest for knowledge spearheaded by the Red, Green, Blue and Grey orders, aligned to the gods Zamorak, Guthix, Saradomin and a pantheon of lesser gods respectively - though whether their cooperation will usher in an age of wonders or rekindle the embers of hatred remains to be seen...

    [Gods & Religion]


    Saradomin (pronounced /ˌsærəˈdoʊ̯mɪn/) is the god of order and wisdom, and is believed to be one of the most worshipped gods on Gielinor, if not THE most worshipped. Additionally, he appears to be strongly associated with light as well, with various attributes, such as the Book of Light, referring to him as such. In the Third Age, he founded the Temple Knights, a highly secretive, military and espionage organisation from Falador. He is even said to give direct orders in person to their current head of operations and second-in-command. (after Saradomin himself) He is, as a result of his orderly manner and association with forces of "good" - as the Saradominist Church would have it - a popular figure of worship.


    Zamorak (pronounced /zæməræk/ "ZÀ-mo-rack") is the god of chaos, with the elements of destruction and power often being attributed to him. He used to be a general in a great empire that stretched across much of the land by the third age, but he betrayed his ruler with a large group of followers, and attained godhood by absorbing the Lord's essence by accident after having obtained a now long lost artifact which, in conjunction with the Staff of Armadyl, granted him enough power to do so. Zamorak encourages his followers to better themselves, not at the cost of their own freedoms, but rather those of their peers. He creates strife between Kingdoms or even households, allowing the mortal races to bring out their best qualities under pressure.

    In more recent days, some of his followers have fallen under the (perhaps wrongful) assumption that Zamorak is the god of evil, due to his association with demons and other eldritch creatures. This has caused a bit of a schism in the zamorakian community, as common and noble alike seem to share different views on how to service their god and walk the path of Zamorak.


    Guthix (pronounced /ˈɡʌθɪks/, GÙH-thicks) is the god of balance and the last surviving member of his extinct people. He was the first of the young gods to arrive to Gielinor, soon bringing in the goddess Seren and other races and creatures including the humans, sheep and elves. He believed in the concept of balance, and brought the aforementioned races - who had no concept of the gods and no inclination to either good or evil - to Gielinor to live in harmony with their surroundings and allowed them to make their own choices so the balance between good and evil would be maintained, although with the arrival of other gods, this plan failed. He was known to be a very serious and decisive being and has garnered a following of druids despite his wish for the races of Gielinor to live free of godly worship.

    Guthix, while rumored to be a most powerful god indeed, receives little worship. Those few communities that do dedicate themselves to him tend to be made up out of druids and seers. People from these communities wish to maintain balance as Guthix did, but erroneously turn to him in their prayers despite his personal wish to be forgotten.

    The Menaphite Pantheon

    There are a wide variety of lesser gods home to the plane of Gielinor, many of which make up the Menaphite Pantheon which is revered throughout Al Kharid and the Kharidian Desert. Not much is known about these gods by outsiders, other than that there is a great many of them - each filling out their own little niche in society.

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