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    Sliver Of Darkness Information


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    Sliver Of Darkness Information

    Post by Khama on Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:55 am

    Hello, I am Khama. The FRP you are about to read originates from the same realm as the literature I enjoy to write. Overall, you will find the basic information you need to know below. And if you have any questions feel free to ask. A lot of it will explain itself, and as the FRP continues more will be added to this.

    I also want to be strictly honest that this FRP is Nation based with a narrative spin. By that I mean, certain events will trigger under certain conditions, but the outcome is entirely up to those participating. Does the Kalderan Empire rise once again? Do the Beastmen dominate this portion of Elora? All of this is up to you, with some wrenches and saws tossed in your way.

    This also means, though, that this FRP will come to a natural conclusion, eventually. I shall not say when, for that is entirely based on your actions, but I’ve decided that in the long term this will play out similar to a story. Your actions here will carry over to the next FRP when it occurs to the degrees that they can, and you will also get to see more of this world.

    That is about it, really. I hope you enjoy the read and find the setting interesting, along with this I am open to feedback/suggestions if you have them. As I am not an all seeing individual.

    Also, I want to state that the postings for this FRP will be every 2 days or so. This allows people to get their post done within that time, and also gives me so wriggling room in terms of my schedule. Once everyone is accepted, this will be ran through with the majority on how it works, ect.

    As well, please post your application in the Application thread. Use the OOC forums for OOC discussion, and then use the IC forums for letters not included in your post, announcements, and other such similar things. "Major" occurrences in the FRP that will be posted by me shall be put there as well, with a link to them from the main thread itself. That is about it.

    You will find the "systems" and rules in their own thread under this forum, too.

    Sliver of Darkness takes place in the year 877, after the fall of the Kalderan empire. Chaos has descended upon the region as Lords vie for power amid the destabilized lands. Hordes of Beastmen continue their flight across them, as well. Resulting in services being rendered to locals in exchange for survival. Meanwhile the Elves and Dwarves contemplate their existence as their Gods begin to disappear under most troubling circumstances.
    However, the worst has yet to come for both mortal and immortal. The world is changing to that of a more beastial state as the bloodlust rises in the hearts of many. Uncertainty persists in the air as decisions are having to be met, and within the darkest corners a shadow begins to stir. In this shadow’s wake comes the word “Beastboss” which has not been uttered for several months.
    Forces have risen to test the realm, but only a glimpse of this powerful storm will be unveiled. Shall all be swept away, or will it be ridden through? In either case the only certainty left in these times is death… For now…


    The race of Humanity has ruled the lands of Elora for many centuries. Originally, they arrived to usurp power from the Eliari who had dominated before them. With their Blood Magic at their disposal and the Knights of Kaltren leading them the Eliari’s empire was casted down. The Kalderan Empire was built in its place as Humanity expanded further. For a time they were vicious in their rulings against the other races, but that changed as they interacted with others. This allowed many Elven citizens their freedom, after their lands and cities had been taken over by Human hands.

    Many internal issues would trouble the Empire as it continued to prosper. Ranging from petty schemes to even rebellions over the different Thrones. It wasn’t uncommon for a war to take place between the Kingdoms every several decades. Yet, none dared to wage war upon the Imperial Crown which had taken seat in Orona. A beautiful city crafted by the Elves, and had even served as the Capital of the Elven Empire. The city itself and the Imperial Family became synonymous.
    At the head of this were the Knights of Kaltren. They were a great order that assisted in birthing this Empire, and it was a great honor to serve amid these Knights. While the majority casted off the “barbaric” magic that was Blood Magic, these Knights still held onto it, and none dared to question it. They would continue to be instrumental until the Empire’s fall, becoming even the Emperor’s personal bodyguard over time.

    However, times change and the greed and desires within one's heart begin to grow. Princes, Kings, and even Dukes would start looking upon the royal throne with awe, and that gaze could only be diverted for a short time.
    In the year 875 under the reign of Emperor Eron Von Hasbek the largest Warband in the history of the Empire ravaged the western portions of the Empire. The Emperor’s son Aurlic Von Hasbek lead a large host to assist the lands in need. Yet, before the Crown Prince could arrive in the western lands most had fallen, and to the shock of the Human army, the Forests themselves seemed to creep behind this Horde of Beastmen. Lands that were once hills, treeless, and great cities were now covered in dense woods.

    In the Grand Principality of Usalar the greatest battle of the age took place. Tens of Thousands died amid the churning fields as magic mayhem ran rampant. Victory was in constant flux for both sides, and many were lost before the coming storm. Things changed after a clear sky turned into a downpour. The earth turned to muck leaving both beast and man to become consumed, and during this is when the battle’s deciding factor happened. Beastboss Haxra, the uniter, laid into the Crown Prince. The two battled as those nearby watched their fight, but the armor that Aurlic wore did him no good. The mud caught him and in that instant Haxra had his chance. The Crown Prince’s head was taken, leaving morale to plummet, and his cousin Grand Prince Bavlan Von Hasbek to establish a chain of command. Yet, it would not be long after before he too would fall in battle.

    To the Empire the battle would be called, “Hasbek’s Bloodied Tears” and would serve as a reminder of what happened. The Grand Principality of Usalar would become consumed in blood and soon taken over by nature. The Horde itself continued Eastward where it would be stopped by the Knights of Kaltren, the Knights of Arcanus, and an Imperial Army under the command of Lord Commander Iruck Belfase near the Grand Duchy of Porcus.

    The titanic clash that ensued  dwarfed the casualties of the battle of Hasbek’s Bloodied Tears greatly. The power of the Empire at this time was certainly diminished, but with Haxra’s death it certainly brought about a great future.
    However, during this time the Emperor weeped for his son. Yet, such a loss could not stand next to the coming betrayal. Duke Jalin Kelnser along with the Knights of Kasol appeared from the north all of a sudden, unbeknownst to any. They laid siege to the majestic city, whose defenses were lead by Princess Audrey herself, yet the Capital of Orona would be breached by these traitors, who even slew other Knights of Kasol among many others who participated in the defense. Orona’s skeletal garrison barely held against the tide, and would fall several weeks after the fall of the Beastlord Haxra. The Emperor and the Empress both were burned alive alongside Duke Kelnser in his madness. Princess Emeline Von Hasbek was apparently rescued from Duke Kelnser by his son Arminas while Princess Audrey Von Hasbek disappeared amid the chaos.

    Orona had lasted through two Empires, and its beauty now resided in ash that caked the ground. This betrayal gave the Empire its last blow to both its structure and those that could have salvaged it. As, newly ascended, Duke Arminas Kelnser on his retreat from the capital clashed with the remains of the force under Iruck Belfase. Lord Commander Belfase’s force fought valiantly to free the Princess, but were ultimately routed from the field.

    Following this battle the Knights of Kaltren disappeared entirely. With them gone and Princess Emeline in the hands of Arminas the Empire fractured. Strife swept the remaining lands as Lords dealt with Beastmen that still lingered from the Great Horde’s intrusion, plotting against others, and as they secured their lands. Several sovereign nations persisted through the worst of this turmoil and in its wake an unspoken peace occurred amid growing tensions.

    The successor states of the Kalderan Empire are all for the most part similar in their war garb. Weapons for most armies range between axes, spears, and swords among other instruments like bows. In terms of a siege attackers primarily used rams, ladders, and catapults. Armor for the most part was chain mail, Brigandine, or leather padding. Knights are mostly equipped with plate armor.

    The Eliari, or as they are known to Humanity, High Elves, once dominated Elora and everything upon it. They ruled from what was the northern borders of the Kalderan Empire all the way down into the far deserts. With their Empire’s width extending from the eastern coast to deep into the Western lands, which have now been swarmed by Beastmen hordes. The Elves took power alongside the Dwarves, when they landed upon Elora, from what is considered the most barbaric force ever to exist. It is said they wrestled the world away from a Trollish Empire, that dominated everything as far as the eye could see. Many of the shorter-lived races scoff at the notion of Trolls having an empire, and the natives say they are simply legends. But, the Elves continue their insistence upon the matter.

    For many centuries the Elven Empire lasted without incident. It slowly expanded to cover large portions of Elora, as the lust for knowledge drove it on in search of Ruins or other knowledgeable locations. Eventually, a mishap occurred from the Emperor of this empire. It is uncertain what said event was, but the ripple effect from it was quite clear. The thoughts of many outside the Imperial heartland rested to their own sovereignty as they believed those near the center had their interests not in their heart. Yet, no actions of secession would occur for many years to come. With the keystone event that would rip the Empire apart being the arrival of a new threat. Humanity.

    The Eliari in all their might thought themselves to be the Supreme force upon the land. With their equals being only the Dwarves underneath their feet. Thus, when Humanity came to the shores they did not expect the solid victories of the enemy. The Elves saw them as adversaries, but underestimated the prowess of those before them. Their mistake laid with the thoughts of dominating the plains with their Cavalry, which had been most renowned up until this point. It was here that the Knights of Kaltren proved these elder beings wrong.

    With their own strength, wit of its Commanders, and the magic at their disposal the Knights of Kaltren lead the vanguard in a war of destruction against the Elves. Under this onslaught the Elves could not fight, and many of the Kingdoms underneath them had turned to civil war in the current acts. Resulting in their own forces having to face the brunt of those before them.

    As time went on during the war, the Humans and Elves both refrained from simply eradicating one another's and began to see each other as admirable foes, but that did not stop the capture of the Capital city of Orona. Here, the Emperor lost his life as did the Human King who brought his people to this land. In the ashes the Kalderan Empire would arise under a different ruler, but the Eliari still continued their struggle. It wasn’t until the High Elves had a civil war in their remaining lands that resided in the west that they sought peace. While it was accepted, the civil war was brutal. An Elven Lord has risen who saw the conflicts in the East as a trivial matter, and wanted to reunite the Empire again under his rule, which he stated was just as he was Asrian incarnate. The pretender was cut down in the civil war, and the last bastion of the old Elven Empire shattered as several Kingdoms came to the fore in its place. A treaty was signed between all the Kings to return peace to their lands. From that point on they bided their time as they recovered from those troubled times. Over the years that the Kalderan Empire has existed tensions have existed between several of the Elven Kingdoms and that Empire, but more existed between the High Elven Kingdoms and even between the other Elven Kingdoms.
    However, the Elves are patient and have for the most part kept to small conflicts.

    Though, with the collapse of the Kalderan Empire tensions have once again risen, especially with the theft of several Kree tomes. The Kingdom of Elandor currently seeks to re attain these stolen tomes, even if it means marching to war. Yet, the worst of their troubles has yet to come.      

    The High Elves for the most part have access to plenty of iron allowing full use of plate armor for their mounted warriors, and those that fight on the front lines. However, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see them use chainmail. Bows are a large focus as the Elves primarily prefer long range engagements before a melee, however are not afraid to do brutal dives into the enemy lines with their armed Cavalry.
    Most commonly the Elven soldiers have used swords alongside a shield, but axes and maces are not uncommon, with others also having spears at the ready. Mounted troops are equipped with lances. Archers for most engagements have used Longbows, but are also equipped with Crossbows for closer fights. On top of what the Humans have for siege warfare the Elves have also developed the Ballista along with several variations of it.  

    The Runek, also known as the Dwarves, are as Ancient as the Eliari and had fought alongside them for many years. Yet, unlike their taller friends the Runek chose to delve deep into the earth where they constructed a massive Empire alone. Not much is known about how they were able to do such a feat, only that it exists. Its been said that to travel the length of several of the Kingdoms that existed within the massive city it would take almost a year. To many the Runek are not of interest, however what they craft is plenty to behold. Armor as splendid as the great Elven cities, Gems never before seen, and Magic that the world has lusted for. Many speculated that the only, true, beauty of the Runek people is the Rune magic they practice. Yet, the art stumps many scholars who have plead to the Dwarves to teach them, but have always denied their requests.

    Yet, for all their greatness that they still hold, their days of glory have long past. Most of the city lays in ruin and held by their enemies which had forced exoduses from the previously great city. Three of which have been counted thus far with Millions having been sighted departing. However, none of them have spoken much over what transpired within the earth. The only information garnered from them has been of a great famine, but nothing of the foe that had caused this.

    The Runek like those that live in the surface use iron as an integral part of their armor and weapons. However, experimentation with their iron has lead to a new discovery. Steel has begun to be integrated into the more wealthy clans as armor, with most simply using it for weaponry.
    Primarily axes and maces are used by dwarves for similar reasons to the High Elves. Shields and heavy plate armor are also very common place, along with throwing axes and crossbows. The Runek also use short lances atop their Fire Lizards.  Repeater ballista have been used often for defenses, as well. Other clans have been noted to use vastly different stylized weapons, but not much has been recorded on the subject as of yet.

    Once apart of the Runic Empire, the Tuldrek line finds itself deeply entrenched in the second Great Exodus. While most of those that fled during that event found a life amid the great forests of the surrounding areas, the Tuldrek did not. Instead they carved a path out of the hilly plains to the south-west of the Kalderan Empire, Heartland.

    Across the hills many clans of Tuldrek could be found. They have dug into the hills themselves and have developed small subterranean abodes to reside in. With enough sun and plenty of grass the dwarves have cultivated many goods, which coupled with the herding of animals has brought them great prosperity.

    At a glance they seem simple folk who tend to their livestock and farms, but at their hearts there is a fiery passion like no other. A desire to live free and unshackled that has formed to the point where death is sought over capture. As free as their hearts are so, too, is their respect for the great winds of Tuld from who their name derives.

    The Tuldrek have changed quite a degree in comparison to their Runek brethren when it comes to warfare. The first of these changes being their primary use of cavalry, but unlike the lizards their deep dwelling kin ride they have chosen ponies instead. Originally wild creatures, they mount these steeds both armed with bow and lance along with axes or maces. Fully armored mounted Tuldrek are not an uncommon sight in the field of battle. However, when it comes to their foot soldiers they primarily use shield, spear, and axe with leather or Brigandine armor.

    The Wood Elves, or better known to themselves as the Lasli are an offshoot of the Eliari who, truly, came into existence back at the fall of the Elven Empire. Back then the Lasli people were divided amid their views of whether to continue under its rule or succeed. The invasion of the Humans swiftly tore that rift open. Sides were taken and the Wood Elves resolved to infighting.  During this time a large exodus of Dwarves took to these lands and carved out their own home, along with a great chunk finding sanctuary in Elven lands which brought even them into the conflict. After a time several Kingdoms arose from the turmoil. Some that expanded many miles of forests, others that were confined to single city. An treaty was struck between these Kingdoms that brought peace for them time between them, yet Imperial desire still rests within the cracks.

    The Lasli have mostly remained within the many forests, with many migrating about, and minority eventually deciding to move into the Kalderan Empire. Around the early years of the Kalderan Empire reports of sickness in the woods shuffled about. That stemmed from small, disgusting, beasts that had begun to inhabit portions of the forests. Shriveled up Trolls even began to become a common occurrence around the exterior of Elven lands. With the instigators still having not been truly verified. But, what troubles them the most is the waning of their connection with the Spirits. Madness has begun to take over, and the forest has turned into a much darker place. For now they simply watch, but soon enough the time will come where actions will need to be had, however something potentially far worse has already begun to fester within.

    The Lasli unlike their High Elven kin primarily use leather armor. Due to its easy accessibility and also the fact that heavy armor is not well suited to their forests. Their armor allows easy camouflage in the foliage. Weapons of choice belong to axes, swords, and bows primarily. However, the Lasli have a select class of individuals who learn a select form of Nature magic and through it can control the bark to form an armor around their person. Depending on the tree the bark can even handle the force of a steel axe, and it isn’t uncommon to see weapons made of such bark.

    The Beastmen is a collective word for both Satyr and Minotaur. They partook to the word more as something of strength, than anything else. Not much is known about them besides their partaking of blood rituals and their way with Nature. The history of a tribe is kept only by that tribe, leaving much to be lost to their volatile nature of consuming and eruption of tribal confederations. Besides the wandering hordes they do have large, stable, cities far in the west from what many have been able to gather. To many it would seem as if they were eager to learn more about the outside world, or simply fit within a new mold. Much of this can be seen in the way that they sell their services to different nations as Mercenaries. Though, many are hesitant about these people as it is learned that they partake in an elaborate slave trade.
    Yet, what scares many intellectuals about these Beastmen is their size. Not only physical size, but the fact that their numbers seem to be endless. If they ever, truly, became united then almost nothing could stand against them.

    The Beastmen tribes for the most part use what they can get. Primarily they scavenge the battle fields for anything of use, especially metallic items. Which they melt down to turn into spears, axes, or maces. Rarely does a normal Bestman don metal armor, as that is normally reserved for those higher in the chain due to cost reasons. Beastmen also use sling shots, throwing axes, and throwing spears for ranged combat. In sieges there have been cases where catapults have been used alongside ladders to get over walls.
    However, it's been known that the above do not apply to the Beastmen who have formed towns, but not much has been known about such things to the outside world.

    The Kree are a long gone race, supposedly having disappeared before the Elven Empire. Not much is known about them besides that their races was the epitome of magical power, that even surpassed the knowledge of the current world’s understanding. All that remains of their people are ruins scattered across the land, many of which have degraded over time, and their tomes of power.

    The Derkomai are described as scaly chicken men by those that have seen them with each having different colored feathers. It is said they are over six and a half feet, and only meekly cover themselves with armor. Plumed helms, simple breastplate that protects only the chest and back, along with leggings that reach down just below the knee is what most are described with. Their places of residence have long been shrouded in mystery. It has been speculated that their locations are somewhere in the forest, yet none bar a few tribes of Beastmen have readily found them. Even with such knowledge withheld the world speaks of them as warriors in great length. Fighting is inherent to them and it is distinctly shown to the others on the continent from the raids conducted by the Derkomai people. Yet, even with their assaults they are still heavily respected to the point where they are among the most valued of Mercenaries when available. While their loyalty to those they give it to is unquestioned many questions still reside. Much is still unknown about these rustic red clad warriors.


    The Dask Faith

    The Dask Faith is one of the more prominent religions in the southern successor Kingdoms, and within several High Elven kingdoms. Originally having been founded by Elven hands ages ago, it has since been integrated into the beliefs of Humanity. Followers of Dask believe in the deities Leisa and Arcanus the former representing the Dark and the latter the Light. Neither are found to be distinctly good or evil, but two halves of a whole. The central part of the church was shattered with the collapse of the Empire.

    For the most part people worship both Arcanus and Leisa, with some instances where one is forsaken in the sake of the other. However, for the most part it is simply that one feels a calling towards one or the other, which results in greater servitude towards the one a person considers their patron.

    They believe the world was created amid the time when Arcanus came to be as the God of Light. In his grace the world was blessed, yet he knew his light could not reach everywhere and so he reached into the Void to pull out his wife, the Goddess of Shadows, Leisa. Together they keep their gaze upon all creation.

    Of the two, though, Arcanus has always been the one most revered for his constant sight upon the world as he seeks the most good and righteous to join him in the heavens. Its said that as time has gone on that Leisa began to distrust her own husband, and so at times cloaks the world in darkness to keep his gaze away for a time. Many that revere her particularly believe it to be an act to allow his mind to calm from the sights, so as to prevent his own righteous behavior being unleashed upon the mortal world. But those who admire Arcanus would argue the opposite and that his righteousness is required to strip away the lies and filth that plague the world. To the point that people believe that he will one day appear to do so, and transform the world into his own image.


              People pray to Arcanus to bask them in his glorious light, to bring them to salvation and righteousness. He is the embodiment of perfection for those that worship him, and through him people desire to attain their own perfection. Its believed that as the first deity to come into existence that he is above Leisa in all ways. His power, his thoughts, and even his being outclass her own, and that without him only lies and the unknown would exist. Its also believed that those who can bend the Light to their will shall become his Knights in the after-life.

               People worship the Goddess of Shadows for protection, nurturing of young, and healing amid the night. Unlike her Husband she lurks wherever he does not, and keeps her eyes peeled upon what he can not. Yet, she also stands like an obstacle. One that you come to when you desire to overcome your fears amid the Unknown. That is her link to Arcanus, that her eyes will help bring one into the light and is the primary reason the majority of those that predominantly worship Arcanus do not discredit her.

    Both Arcanus and Leisa are described as simply silhouettes of their respective genders amid either the Light or the Dark. Yet, many paintings and even some works have described them as spectacular beings to gaze upon as they are perfection incarnate. Something that one would want to aspire to look like physically.

    The Church
    The Church has existed for several thousand years, with the center of the faith originating in Orona; the previous capital of the Elven Empire and the recently collapsed Kalderan Empire. While the center of the faith has not changed, the hierarchy of the church has indeed changed greatly. Originally the believers were lead by an individual called the Lucent, however with the fall of the Capital a head of the Faith has not be chosen. Nor has any elected to do so until Orona has been rebuilt. At the current moment three Deacons lead the faith and decide upon actions.

    The Dask faith even with its two paths still has a predominate focus in Arcanus. Most Churches are heavily lit and give him primary patronage for his actions that the people can visibly see. However, Leisa does have her own shrine within the church. Normally it is located within the bowels where her figure stands in prominence in the center with the room dimmed at great lengths.

    Holy Orders

    The Order of Veneration
    This Holy Order is stooped in the ways of both Leisa and Arcanus equally. However, they will still train individuals here before they move off into one of the other Holy Orders that existed within the Empire. Only a small amount of individuals each year become a Knight of Veneration, yet they are as prestigious as even a Knight of Kaltren. In the current years they remain in their Fortress Monastery of Belpom within the Mountains of Pelogar. They have existed since near the founding of the Kalderan Empire, but much remains a mystery due to their elusive nature. Their colors are Gold and Black, the very same colors of the Dask Faith.

    The Veldin Order
    The Veldin Order is the second smallest Holy Order of the Dask faith, before their supposed destruction, and specifically serve Leisa. Yet, like the smallest of the Orders, the Order of Veneration, it is steeped in mystery. It's been noted that they choose black and grey colors, and have actively assisted along the northern borders without a clear cause. However, that help seemed to dissipate come the Empire’s collapse. Their Monastery had been burned by Duke Kelsner’s forces, and many claim the order is defunct. The last sighting of a Veldin Knight was in the Barony of Basil.

    Knights of Arcanus
    The Knights of Arcanus are the second biggest order. Their Patron is Arcanus who they follow devoutly, however they still heavily respect the ways of Leisa and see them to have some merit. While they are the youngest of the orders, they have also done the most for the people of Humanity. They provided many troops to assist against the Beastmen, and even after the collapse of the Empire assisted many of the Kingdoms to restore order. On top of that they provided aid to those displaced and harmed. However, they have since retreated to their Fortress-Monastery within the lands of the Duchy of Ailerna. Where one of the three Deacons resides, who they currently have pledged their allegiance to. With the current goal of uniting the faith once more. They also see the zealot Knights of Kasol as traitors to the faith and desire to bring them to justice.

    Knights of Kasol
    The Knights of Kasol are the second oldest and the largest of the four Dask Holy Orders. They serve Arcanus and are effectively zealots in their own right. Their brutality is well known among the Faith, and they have stepped in several times to slay those who go against it. They’ve even been known to butcher those that pray to Leisa for crimes against Arcanus. Yet, their political power and their usefulness has kept them existing to the point where Duke Kelsner gave them land within his domain. But, if the empire hadn’t collapsed when it did it is entirely possible that the Emperor would have sought their eradication. Due to the fact that they heavily assisted in, what seems to be, the destruction of the Order of Veldin. However, many Knights of Kasol fought alongside the Emperor as Duke Kelnser and other Knights of Kasol broke apart the Capital. The reasons behind the divide has been unclear. However, they continue to spread their faith as they now fall in service to the Duke’s Son.

    The One
    The One is a religion that is practiced along the eastern portions of the empire, primarily, however has fallen from the eyes of many due to its vicious behavior to non-humans. Its the belief of those that believe in The One that they were birthed by his light, and that all that is good originates from it. Whether it is light from the sun or a candle it matters not. In the evenings and at nighttime candles, torches, and other light producing objects are revered and protected from going out. As they, to practitioners, are the barrier between them and the evil of the world.

    The sole and only god of The One has no recorded name, and people simply refer to him through pronouns, primarily “him” or “he”. They consider themselves to be formed in his image, and see effectively other races as subhumans. The more non-human the race looks, the more ostracized they are. Elves and Dwarves are considered to be people who have fallen from his grace.
    During times of famine, plague, or other disasters like the invasion of the Beastmen. The people who practice The One would offer up a sacrifice to reinvigorate their God’s belief in them. Normally this entails capturing a non-human and burning them at a pyre.
    Midday is especially important to them as they see it as the point that his power is at its peak. With the time after that being his power waning, which even during the night continues to persist most of the time. Cloudy nights represent the “darkest” of nights for them, as they believe that their God has been briefly subdued allowing evil to freely reign, however they understand that it would not last forever. Storms are also thought as a clash between their God and Evil itself as they battle over supremacy.
    Even though followers of Him have been fading, those remaining have stood resolute in their belief. Recent events have even brought forth the first Knighthood.

    The One’s church isn’t similar to a church most would see. A lot of the practices are simple rituals one completes to see to it that light is brought forth. Whether that is simply replacing candles, or simply praying to the light surrounding them. Most of the time communal gatherings are brought together by a town Elder who leads them in prayer, and even them discussing the signs they have seen or heard about in regards to “Evil”. The only central figures, or those that could be considered it are the Band of Kalderan. Who righteously root out any evil they discover, without mercy. Their word has turned into law amid these times, with their Lord being the dictator, however for the most part the Knights do not concern themselves with the daily lives of practitioners as they focus on their drive to eradicate the darkness. Those not of their faith are simply considered as misguided children, and they do their best to convert those they can but at the same time do not try to overstep their bounds.

    Holy Order  

    Band of Kalderan
    The Band of Kalderan is a Knightly order named after the great empire of Kalderan. These Knights are not great in number, but seek to root out evil in their lands and those surrounding them. Their desire is to show Humanity that the Empire should be restored to carve a path against those whose hearts reside in the dark, and that the old ways were much better than how they have turned out to be. They are also a collection of the most zealous individuals amid the religion.

    The Wilderness
    The Wilderness is more of a collective beliefs of many different races who put their faith in the Spirits that reside in the Wilds. Practices vary from race to race as it does from spirit to spirit, who offer their divine powers to those that decide to worship them. Yet, even among the spirits there are some that are stronger than others and they are considered to be Primal Gods.
    The Primal Gods are some of the strongest beings encountered, perhaps stronger than the Elementals. Yet, they are not ageless and do pass away which allows another to take their place. It currently is unknown how many exist besides the current confirmed Four. Besides their reverence, there are other beings that are equally worshiped, but far more unknown.
    They are simply called the Colossi. Not much is known about them, nor where they reside, however there have been carvings located that depict them. Some consider these creatures to be Primal Gods, others think they are pets, and a small amount consider them to be something separate. In all cases, their power and blessing are most sought after due to their mysterious nature. As only one tale gives a name for a Colossus and strictly speaks of how it erupted from amid the earth to smite down a warring band.

    Known Primal Gods
    Kesadora is a tree spirit whose trees are even named after her. From her trees originate the strongest wooden materials known to everyone known. It is said that she is a calm individual with many spirits who revere her as a God. Predominantly worshiped by Wood Elves, she has been sighted amid their domains for the past several thousand years.  They say she's taken the guise of an elf and is amid the most enchanting things in the land.

    Bilruk is a woodland spirit who strives in mischief amid the forests. Any time you trip on a root, have a branch hit you in the face, or something similar has been associated with him. His spirit followers, and the mortals who worship them and him have the most uncanny way of becoming one with nature. Many outside his circle consider him odd, but behind his outward appearances is the unknown. He most commonly stays within the territories of the Beastmen.

    Yvelna is another spirit of the wilds who is much more carefree. She goes where she chooses and has many times came into conflict with other spirits. Yet, many recognize her power as truly a God especially over the animals. Her ferocity is only matched by her wisdom as she keeps a watch over the primal world, and many have turned to her for lessons in the ways of the instinctual world which has departed majority of the reigning races.

    Rosala is another spirit whose attained the power of a Primal God, yet unlike the others she is far more peculiar. Her ferocity, cunning, mischief, and lust is unmatched by any of the other Primal Gods. Woodland spirits have even gone insane as they reside underneath her. Yet, she is also the most mysterious and many doubt her existence due to the lack of sightings. She is simply considered an omen and anything truly horrific that occurs in the forest is associated with her. As of recent times the changing of many of the forests atmospheres has been attributed to her.

    Known Colossi
    Harsak’s name only occurs in one legend where it is said he erupted from the earth to destroy a roving band of Beastmen. Yet, many Beastmen still fear this tale which speaks of a mountain far to the west which he supposedly guards. Harsak is described as a creature over 40ft who resembles a bear, and apparently is made of both stone and flesh.

    The Asar
    The Asar are a pantheon of Elven Gods worshiped by the the majority of the Eliari. Praying to one god in particular is not uncommon based on the circumstances, however at times an individual will find themselves giving their life to one in particular. This utter devotion is considered one of the most selfless acts imaginable, as it closes you from the ears of the other Gods. In return a devotee is given the bare minimum for free, but nothing else. Should a devotee desire they can continue their studies apart of an order of Knights, which move to do selfless acts in the name of their god.

    The Pantheon
    Asrian the Seeker

    Asrian is the God of Magics. He is the most worshiped of the Pantheon, because of the heavy influences of his domain up the Elven people. The Kree have been associated as his mortal instruments, and their tomes being considered sacred in turn. It is said he is a most benevolent god who desires balance in the world, and that his will is infused into the most gifted of students. These students can be found ushered into high positions based on this.

    Kelrisa the Divine
    Kelrisa is the Goddess of Restoration. She is directly followed in the amount worshiped after Asrian. Through her many can seek perfection if they desire, otherwise her domain extends over life and healing. When the worst plagues hit, bruises, wars, or anything similar occurs she is the one people pray to. Her domain is large, but it is said that pales in comparison to her beauty. Like her title implies, many consider her to be the epitome of beauty. Devotees and Knights apart of her orders seek to assist the weak and defend them, and to set an example of perfection in their wake.

    Alras the Reaper
    Alsar is the God of War and Sanctuary. His will extends over to the offensive and defensive acts of war and peace. Its said that Alsar is both a Father figure and a Psychotic Murder at once when he wages war. His personality constantly shifting as the field of battle does. Yet, like Kelrisa’s followers he desires to set an example of protecting the weak, but also dominating them. Its unknown why he is so contradictory, but it's stated that he expects one’s own weak to be protected and the enemy’s annihilated.  

    Lemica the Prosperous Pranker
    Lemica is both the Goddess of Mischief and Luck. When something disappears or occurs it is normally associated with her, but at the same time if something good happens it can be counted towards her as well. She is depicted as a motherly figure who simply wants to show people the reality of the world. Many go to her to wish things upon their enemies and for good fortune.

    Italic the Destroyer
    Italic is the God of Death. Unlike the other four Gods and Goddess he is not readily worshiped. Its said that originally he was there to guide lost souls into the afterlife, but then became mad and soon waged war upon the mortal realm. He's depicted as a shadow with burning red eyes. Many see death as the final end, where they enter the afterlife to fight a war against Italic for the rest of eternity. And the hardships brought about by the other Divine beings is to prepare mortals to face him. Only the worst individuals in Elven society are sentenced to death for their crimes, and none readily desire to see one of their own fall. As it is considered an eternal conflict that will only cease once the other Gods have finished their preparations. To keep an eye on this a Temple of Fate was erected from where a Seer would keep watch over his movements on the mortal plane and beyond.

    The Church
    The Church of the Asar faith is divided into four branches. With each separate branch paying respect to their respective deity. Each is lead by a  Arch Priest(ess) who sets the direction and the major political actions of each branch, with different High Priest(ess) running the local temples. Every four years they come together to discuss the issues of the world, and decide upon the actions their respective people will take. Along with this they seek directions from their patron gods on how to act in certain cases. One such case is when a group of Humans stole several Kree tomes from Elven hands, and it was determined that they should be retrieved. However, there is also a Temple of Fate dedicated to divine the fate of Italic. A Seer commands this group and their duty is to watch for his influences upon the world and directly act against them.

    Major Holy Orders

    The Occult
    The Knights of the Occult is an order who pledge and strictly worship Asrian. They follow the orders of their branch’s Arch Priestess, and most of the Knights are also skilled Magic wielders. Their missions extend to the retrieval of lost artifacts, facing magical beings, and preventing any serious magical events among other things. They are as a whole collected individuals who respect the power of their God, and do their best to act as the caretakers of his domain.

    Priesthood of Mending
    The Priesthood of Mending are an order who follow the Goddess Kelrisa. They seek to fix the problems of the world, and even go to the lands of other races to assist those in need. They move swiftly to cure the harmed, sick, and deal with any other issues that press those they desire to assist. It isn’t uncommon for them to accept such individuals into their temples to take care of them, or even give someone a proper passing into the afterlife. They also assist individuals by wedding them in her “presence”. No matter ones allegiance amid the Pantheon, as long as they require assistance, the Priesthood will do the best they can for the person.

    Order of Swallows
    The Order of Swallows is an order dedicated  the Lemica. Their duty is to the people and their protection. When something seems to be amiss among a populace a member of the Swallow Order is sent to investigate, sometimes doing the most heinous things in the name of their Goddess. They also can be found running charities at times for the poor, but otherwise they are considered the most dangerous of the Holy Orders due to their connections that can even bring death to a King. A lot of “accidents” are attributed to them.

    Knights of Calamity
    The Knights of Calamity strictly serve Alras, and are his champions upon the field of battle. During conflicts they are directed by their Arch Priest to join one of the sides, which is decided by a sign given to him by Alras. Wherever these Knights head death is a certainty, and it has been noted that their brutality in war is on par with The Reaper himself. They also deal with any large issues that press against their faith, making sure to deal with them without remorse.

    The Knights of Twilight
    Unlike the other four Major Holy Orders mentioned, the Knights of Twilight are not bound to mortal conflicts. Their duty is to seek out whatever target their Seer depicts to them, and those that choose to follow Italic in his madness. Even if it takes them into foreign lands they will not back down, and have been known to carve up those of other Holy Orders who have stood in their way. They mix the teachings of the Four Gods to truly bring about Death unto their enemies. They are one of a few Orders to not dedicate themselves to a specific Divine being.

    The Winds
    The Winds en composes the practices of worship that the Tuldrek Dwarves do around the Elemental Tuld. They believe him to be a being who is as free as they, and respect him deeply as one who has shown them their path. He has instructed the Dwarven people of the plains in ways to live in this new environment, and along the way they have adapted to suit their needs further. In repayment to his Wisdom they have erected a temple in the largest of Tuldrek dwellings. Where the Elemental will come to reside from time to time, but for the most part one can find another Elemental in his place. When issues arise people pray to their shrines and the Air Elementals to help them get through their troubling time. On top of this the Tuldrek people have sworn themselves to assist when the Elemental God calls. For the world is a changing place, and as free as one may be shackles can always come down to ensnare.

    The Church
    The Winds church is structured with a Air Prest who commands the Temple erected for the Elementals of Air. Underneath him are Acolytes who see to the daily runnings of the Temple, and assist those who have come with whatever issue must be dealt with. The Air Priest, also, is the most common individual to speak to the Air Elemental that stays in the Temple and normally passes on messages.
    Outside of the Temple City there are smaller shrines that have been constructed to bring the people closer to their God. It is said that when one speaks their troubles in front of it, that the Elementals will hear one’s plea, and will do the best they can.

    Prominent Elementals

    Tuld is the Elemental God of Air. Being the most powerful of the Air Elementals he commands the greater majority of them. Keeping them in line as they keep their eyes watching over the balance of the world. He strongly advocates the urgency of working alongside mortals for the very same reason. As of recent he has disappeared from the mortal gaze to attend what other Elementals call some of the most pressing matters known to them.

    Known Magic
    Magic as known to Humanity

    Magic ~ Most common magic type. Taught in a school with tomes, and requires a lot of practice. Due to the fact that the utmost concentration is required, as the slightest screw up could cause the deaths of dozens. A common lesson given is to always keep a containment spell up upon the spell you cast, due to the fact if one does not the likelihood of losing a hand or more is great. The rewards can be great if one puts in the time. (Nothing intense like teleporting, or conjuring a monster exists here.)

    Blood Magic ~ Most knowledge of this was destroyed after Humanity encountered the Beastmen, due to the nobility not wanting to be associated with beasts at the time. Yet, there are still a few sources about and even still some individuals who practice this kind of magic. But, the general populace still sees this as something wicked, since the majority only know that it allows you to control one's blood.

    Rune Magic ~ Can be inscribed upon almost anything with any desired effects. Yet, the only ones who know how to do this are the Dwarves who refuse to spill their secrets. To the naked eye it would seem it could do anything.

    Nature Magic ~ Used by Beastmen and Lasli alike. Unknown with how it functions, but only that people have reported encroachment by the forest itself at times. And that it seemed to be alive when these two races were about. One pinned fact is the ability to heal wounds, but that is about it.

    Elemental Magic ~ The closest large grouping of Elemental Magic users resides within the Dwarves of the plains. It is said their magic stems from an “Elemental” that they worship, and that their powers extend over the control of the Air. Beyond these simple observations it is unknown how many truly exist, and to what extent their power is. But a confirmed account states that amid a calm sunny day a group of dwarves whipped a strong breeze together that seemed to materialize into a twister. Trees were torn from the earth, water was sucked away, and loose objects twirled into the sky. The objective of their magic was the destruction of a town, which ceased to exist several hours later, and the only remains being shattered homes, bodies, and earth.

    Light Magic ~ A divine magic that is said to be a gift from Arcanus. It is predominantly found amid the church officials of Dask, and also the Order of Veneration. To learn it requires countless years in study, and only those affiliated/once affiliated with the Church have access to the learning materials. Scholars have noted that from what has been seen of both this magic and Elemental magic, that they seem to be similar in their capabilities. However, with everything dark rumors have been known to exist. Rumors that say Arcanus’s gift can drive one insane, to the point of zealotry.

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