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    Sliver of Darkness Rules & Resolution Information Thread


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    Sliver of Darkness Rules & Resolution Information Thread

    Post by Khama on Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:49 pm

    Welcome to the Systems & Rules thread. Down below you will find the Rules that will apply for the FRP, and then also the starting values that will be multiplied by your population either every year, or every month. 12 months will make up a year with seasons affecting things different. Along with this you will find out how player conflict works.

    Tax & Population
    Down below you will find the starting values of your population and taxes. You can improve both through actions, as well decrease both through actions taken. Events will also occur during the FRP that will affect them as well. Simply multiply the value under your respective race by your population, and the value that shows up add into either your Population or treasury. Taxes are done monthly whereas Population will be done every January, do these at the start of each Month. Each January make sure to do your Taxes first before doing your Population.

    Starting Population Change
    Beastmen: .07%
    Elf: .05%
    Dwarf: .04%
    Human: .06%

    Starting Taxes
    Beastmen: .01%
    Elf: .05%
    Dwarf: .07%
    Human: .04%

    Note: For Beastmen their taxes are considered their Animals/Slaves. You multiple your Tax value by those numbers.

    Conflict will take place quite a bit throughout the session, but the way it will be handled is quite simple. The DM and both participating parties will be dragged into a skype chat where the battle will unfold. The scene will be set and from there the players will emote out their actions and reactions. Should a dispute occur during this the players will refrain from OOC posting in that chat, and PM/create a new chat with the DM to explain the problem. The DM will solve said issue and then the fighting will continue until one side is forced to withdraw.

    1. No metagaming, stealing information OOC, or arguing with the DM over IC matters.
    2. Record the details of your nation in each post, update accordingly,  and no cheating.
    3. Distribute your Regiments into the 4 different types and record the amount you have of each. Make a separate column with those with special modifiers. Feel free to either have this in your “monthly” post, or PM this to the DM and update the information every time something changes.
    4. Play nice with your fellows and don’t cause any intense drama.
    5. Keep the way you use the system as close to IC as possible.
    6. Max of 4 actions per turn, letters do not count.
    7. Wars will be conducted in Skype w/ DM(me) added to it.
    8. DM post will be every two days unless all players have posted.
    9. Feel free to RP out conversations and the like through skype, but add DM to chat.
    10. When adding DM to chat, name it something appropriate for the situation.
    11. RP to RP, not to win.
    12. Colorize those actions which require DM attention
    13. Have fun!

    Note: Always accepting feedback on above Systems!

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