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    Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.



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    Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by BestBe on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:52 am

    -Artwork I need to Find-

    The shifting tides of world politics once more bring old tensions to the forefront. In the far north, the virtues of democracy and republicanism ring bright, high idealists in the parliaments of Hillsbrad, Gilneas and Lordaeron proclaiming ideological crusades against the dreaded socialism. The Stromic Commonwealth, united in its new form of state, marches out to confront the dread eldritch horrors that spew forth from the portal within the Wetlands.

    The Dwarven Empire turns in on itself, split by feuding clans and a splintered senate. The jilted Dark Irons hide themselves from their brethren within the ancient city of Shadowforge, and little is certain in the chaotic south.

    To the west, news of a new continent; uncharted coasts are conquered and claimed by the banners of humans and goblins alike, eager to find riches and glory in settling the new world.

    And on the old continent, the flames and smoke of industry choke the air. In human lands, cities grow, soot-stained workmen and women and children producing goods en masse that are exported in abundance.

    The furnace of change bellows and roars, hungrily.

    Who shall it consume, and what shall it forge?

    IC Rules: You are restricted to only 3 DM request of assistance per DM post, use it sparingly. You are also only able to research two technologies at any one time.

    Factories: Below, you will find a solid number of factories within the individual nations. Factories are broken down into the two following categories private, and government controlled. Private factories are your commercial goods factories, these goods keep your people happy and healthy. Under the broad section of ‘commercial goods’ this is anything from Paper Mills to processing plants for food, and everything in-between. Now we have the Government Controlled factories, these are your factories that are either directly controlled by the government or financed by the government for warfare. These factories allow you to manufacture weapons and to arm your soldiers with the weapons, these are everything from factories that construct your ships to your aircraft. Both of these ‘types’ of factories can change what they produce. To this end, in order to shift the production of a Government Factory away from military goods you must ‘sell the factory’ to private investors. Which dependent on the investors and your haggling will provide your nation with gold currency.
    -Lordaeron: Overall: 58 Factories| 38 Government Controlled| 20 Private

    Quel’Thalas (Vassal State of Lordaeron): Overall: 5 Factories| 5 Government Controlled| 0 Private.

    The Federal Republic of Hillsbrad: Overall: 90 Factories| 38 Government Controlled |52 Private

    The Federal Republic of Gilneas: Overall: 1 Factory| 1 Government Controlled

    The Kingdom of Alterac: Overall: 95 Factories| 40 Government Controlled| 55 Private

    The Stromic Commonwealth: Overall: 48 Factories| 38 Government Controlled| 10 Private

    The Kingdom of Grim’Batol: Overall: 20 Factories| 15 Government Controlled| 5 Private

    The Kingdom of Ironforge: Overall: 35 Factories| 20 Government Controlled| 15 Private

    The Gnomish Confederacy: Overall: 115| Automated Government Factories: 60| Automated Private Factories 40| 15 Private Factories.

    The Empire of Anvilmar(Dark Irons):??

    The Kingdom of Stormwind (Wealthy Dwarven Minority, Human majority): Overall: 25 Factories| 5 Government Factories| 20 Private

    The Gurubashi Empire: 0

    The Steamwheedle Cartel: Overall: 115 Factories| 115 Private Weapons Factories.

    Kul’Tiras: Overall: 20 Factories | 20 Government Controlled Naval Factories.

    (Cost for factory construction will depend on the nation, and the variables at that time. As it will be a lot more difficult for Gilneas to build factories then it would for Hillsbrad as they already have factories that manufacture the components to construct new ones. Therefore it’s cheaper to buy the materials in Hillsbrad and build them there. )

    Infrastructure: Infrastructure, isn’t so much of a specific amount of rail-roads or roads in general as it is a generalized number. The number goes from one to one-hundred and acts as a rough idea of what the infrastructure in your nation would look like, however remember as you begin to construct more infrastructure you have to maintain it as well and it may decrease your over all income.

    Now, to provide a few examples I have provided you with a few of the ‘mile-stones’ as it could be said in terms of infrastructure upon the scale from 1-100.
    1: Dirt roads for the most part, with a few stone paths in major cities or near them.
    10: Large stone highways to assist in facilitating travel by horse.
    25: Several small railroads have been established across the nation, assisting in the movement of goods from one side of the nation to the other.
    50: Railroads span almost the entire Nation, a station for every town above a thousand people. A new road system has begun construction for the ‘motorized carriages’.
    75: Massive smooth roads have been constructed, massively assting in the facilitation of travel using the motorized carriages.
    100: Modern day highway system.

    Lordaeron: 30 Infrastructure Level.

    Quel’Thalas (Vassal State of Lordaeron): 25 Infrastructure Level

    The Federal Republic of Hillsbrad: 45 Infrastructure Level

    The Federal Republic of Gilneas: 15 Infrastructure Level

    The Kingdom of Alterac: 46 Infrastructure Level

    The Stromic Commonwealth: 25 Infrastructure Level

    The Kingdom of Grim’Batol: 20 Infrastructure Level

    The Kingdom of Ironforge: 25 Infrastructure Level

    The Gnomish Confederacy: 48 Infrastructure Level

    The Empire of Anvilmar(Dark Irons):??

    The Kingdom of Stormwind (Wealthy Dwarven Minority, Human majority): 18 Infrastructure Level

    The Gurubashi Empire: 10 Infrastructure Level

    The Steamwheedle Cartel: 55 Infrastructure Level

    Kul’Tiras: 25 Infrastructure Level

    (Tech Tree)
    This Tech Tree is more of a general guide, these are technologies that ‘can’ be researched if you don’t want to make up something specific. This by no means covers all facets of technology that you can begin research on, this is just the format that your custom research will come in and to provide a general path.

    For researching technology, you can only at any one time research two pieces of technology this is to encourage the spread of technology between nations. Just as well, every nation except for Gilneas and the Gurubashi start with every Year 1 Technology.


    Army Doctorine: The Army Doctrine subcategory focuses on tactical advancements as well as army planning.
    Post Great War Tactics- 1 Year
    Strategic Mobility- 2 Years
    Point Defense System- 2.5 Years
    Deep Defense System- 4 years
    Infiltration - 3.5 years
    Modern Army Doctrine- 2 Years

    Light Armament: The Light Armament subcategory focuses on light weapon advancements, specifically those used by Infantry.

    Modern Musket-1 Year
    Bolt-Action Rifle- 2 Years
    Modern Gatling Gun- 3 Years
    Automatic Hand Guns- 3.5 Years
    Automatic Rifles- 4 Years

    Heavy Armament: This sub-category focuses on Artillery and Bombs.

    Modern Artillery- 1 Year
    Modern Bombs- 1 Year
    Post-Great War Heavy Artillery-2 Years
    Post-Great War Aeronautic Bombs- 2 Years
    Mobile Artillery- 3 Years

    Aeronautic Engineering: This sub-category focuses on Aeronautic advancements.

    Single-Propeller Aircraft- 1 Year
    First Generation Gryo-Copter- 1 Year
    Advanced Helicopter Construction- 3 Years
    Mass-Aircraft Construction- 2 Years
    Multi-Engine Aircraft- 2.5 Years
    Jet Engine Aircraft- 3 Years.

    Mobile Engineering: This sub-category focuses on both tank armament and mobile infantry.

    Steam Tank - 1 Year
    Modern Steam Tank- 2 Years
    Light Oil Driven Tank- 2.5 Years
    Medium Oil Driven- Tank 3 Years
    Heavy Oil Driven- Tank 3 years
    Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer- 4 years

    Armored Steam Driven Cars- 1 Year
    Armored Oil Driven Cars- 2 Years
    Mobile Troop Transportation- 3 Years
    Mechanized Infantry- 4 Years

    Ship Construction/Ship Class:

    Oil Driven Ironclads: 1 Year
    Oil Driven Submarines: 1 Year
    First Generation Submarine: 2 Years
    First Generation Frigate: 2 Years
    First Generation Battle Cruiser: 3 Years
    First Generation Aircraft Carrier: 4 Years

    Civic Construction Engineering:

    Civic Electricity- 1 Year
    Advanced water, and sewer construction- 2 Years
    The Home Telegraph- 2 Years
    The First Sky-Scraper- 3 Years
    Mass Civic Planning- 4 Years


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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Tyke on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:24 pm

    The Gilnean Nationalist League

    Fraser raised from his seat with an encouraging uproar at his back; people wafting their documents in the air, drumming their fists against their seats and standing, seeking to catch The Speaker's eye, red-faced and furious; whilst Prime Minister Samuel Keaton sat, pallid and terse. They'd broken him, Fraser realized; he was hiding behind the broader shoulders of the Chancellor and the Home Secretary akin to a scolded boy. His white, clammy hands were clenched.

    He couldn't help but feel a pan of pity for the poor bloke. He was a victim of circumstance; and had found himself on the wrong end of the Gilnean people. He had broken his promises, and utterly failed in what he set out to achieve; economic disaster was looming, people were starving and Lordaeron still keeps her iron hand firmly over the wall, whilst Gilneans desperately wondered where the next meal would come from.

    Sir Fraser Caine had spent eight years as the Leader of the Opposition, and was now ready to act. He leant against the dispatch box, waiting for the Speaker to restore order.

    "Mr. Speaker, does the Prime Minster plan to continue to fervently deny the severity of the climate, through his own actions, Gilneas has found herself in. Does he plan to deny that unemployment rates are through the ceiling, or that the average Gilnean worker is unable to put food on the plates of his family. Does he plan on acknowledging that we live on the terms, and the come and go, of Lordaeron? Will he not even acquiesce to the blatantly obvious fact that we are, technologically and in terms of industry, miles and miles behind Hillsbrad and her neighbors. Will he even, in the throes of chaos and despair, confirm that under his premiership we would be unable to protect our people from neither foreign or domestic threat. It's time to stop blaming the people for his mistakes, and time to stop quivering behind the Home Guard he has sent time and time again to 'restore order' to our city which, quite frankly, is an embarrassing shadow against what it once was. Finally, will he not give power back to the people that put him in power and call the dissolution of Parliament for a General Election."

    He rested his stripping, hawkish glare on the Prime Minister, who slowly and unsuredly forced himself to stand. Fraser had never had the gift of gab within the Chambers, but he had the canny ability to speak to the masses. He was quickly gaining ground on Keaton, an unsure boy put into office through Hillsbradi and Lordaeronian influence, without an inch of fiber or guile. Caine, on the other hand, was the standard of the Gilnean people: the son of a decorated war hero, and himself an officer and veteran of the Great War; that, paired with his easy nature and public appearances had almost made them forget his aristocratic birth.

    Keaton and his Liberals were only the first step, and the easiest one at that. He had his vision much, much further than mere governance. He would do what his predecessors couldn't, and restore pride to the nation.


    • Parliament is dissolved in preperation for a General Election, where the results will be announced in three months. Sir Fraser Caine stands for the GNL, Samuel Keaton for the Liberal Party and John Barrington for the Conservative Coalition. (DM ATTENTION)

    • Fraser assembles his Shadow Cabinet, including fellow war heroes Sir Francis Cook, Lord Edward Kitchener and The Earl Horatio Somerset.

    • Caine also departs from Gilneas, and begins to make for Alterac with a detour through Hillsbrad. He is accompanied by the Shadow Chancellor, Arthur Salisbury. (PLAYER ATTENTION)

    • Pen a letter to Lordaeron and Kul’Tiras. (PLAYER ATTENTION)

      Technological Advancements:

      - Begin to research Modern Artillery.

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Matias123 on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:08 pm

    Kingdom of Lordaeron

    Population: 7,500,000
    Manpower: 375,000
    Warships: 55
    Starting gold: 750,000
    Income per year: 75,000 Or .01*Population
    Population increase per year: 450,000Or .06*Population.*.
    Manpower Increase per year:22,500 Or Population increase*.05

    “Father, they have returned.”

    The Young man stood at the entrance to the Throne Room, gazing upon his father, The King of Lordaeron. The King nodded slowly, arising from his glorified throne.

    “Then let us welcome them home, yes?”

    The two gazed down at the entrance to the Capitol from the balcony, seeing several carriages coming through the gates.

    “Treasures from the New World, father. I wonder what exotic things they may have found beyond the ocean.”

    The King, The Father pondered as he gently carasses the ancient scar the ran across his chin, memories flashing back.

    “Let us pray that it was only treasure that was brought with them.”


    The town square of the Capitol was crowded, each man and woman in the city ever-eager to see the new, exotic discoveries brought from the New World by the Seventh Armed Expeditionary force, led by Lord Garithos Othmar. The contents of most of the carriages was open for display for the common folk, but by the end of the day all of the carriages was brought to the barracks where they’d be properly secured, alongside its contents.

    The Seventh Armed Expeditionary Force stay in the Capitol was brief, they were given two weeks to spend time with their loved ones before departing for the New World once more, with new orders and additional men. Commander Luthon Farhill, the second in command of Garithos was given an envelope by the King himself, addressed to the Nation of Kul’tiras.

    Shortly after the departure of the Expeditionary Force, summons was sent out throughout the Kingdom, nobles were being called to the Capitol, where a lands meeting were being held. The future of the nation would soon be shown to the patrons and matrons of the Kingdom. Though a single messenger singles out from the other couriers, he travels south, with intent for beyond the Greymane Wall.  


    “By The Light, be purged!”

    Crackles filled with blinding Light began to fickle all over the approaching  Fel - infused behemoth of stone, soon exploding to several pieces as a single bullet penetrates it’s chest. Two more vicious demons quickly replaced the fallen one, only to be blown away by the same force that purged the previous. The man unleashing the devastating attacks bellows out to his men, his War-Hammer hoisted above his head as he’s given a moment to breathe.

    “With me, men! The demons aim to occupy our right flank, we shan’t let them! Charge!”

    The soldiers, cladded in colours of the Kingdom of Lordaeron roared in unity as they unleashed a barrage of bullets upon the approaching horde of demons, quickly equipping their bayonets to meet the enemy head-on. With Saidan Dathrohan leading the charge, the counter-force quickly manages to contain the breach of demons as the sun rises on the horizon, a new dawn for the Defenders of Mankind. With the breach contained, the War-Hero returns to his chambers within the Wall, quickly dispatching an envelope for Menethil Harbor. If the Knights of The Silver Hand were to hold the Wall, and eventually lead a charge at the Dark Portal, they required more men and weapons. But until then, he would continue to hold out, as he had always done.


    New and exotic things are imported from The New World to the Capitol, hoping to motivate more people to settle in the West. [DM Attention]

    The King has summoned all the nobles of the Kingdom to attend the Lands-meeting within the Capitol. [DM Attention]

    The Seventh Armed Expeditionary travels back to the New World with additional 3,000 armed soldiers and supplies.

    2,000 armed soldiers are prepared to be shipped for Menethil Harbor.

    Letters are sent to both Gilneas and Kul'tiras. [Player Attention]


    Research on Modern Artillery initiates (1 Year).

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Norzium on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:56 pm

    The Hillsbrad Herald
    News & Comment from Across the Continent


    “It is time for Hillsbrad to determine its own future,” claims leadership

    Speaking yesterday to thronged crowds in Southshore, a weary Governor Welles and his war cabinet announced their intention to resign in favour of a caretaker government that will continue the functions of the state whilst the country goes to the polls this January. “The people of Hillsbrad have fought the greatest struggle in living memory,” he said to the assembled citizens; “They have ensured their right to exist in the iron and mettle of war. Now they must determine which state it is they have fought to preserve,”

    There has been controversy in the capital in recent days over the Governor allegedly intending to lend political support to either party, but his final address to the people saluted the “Mothers, sons and fathers,” who had “Given their lives in defense of this noble and great state,”

    His partisan tone certainly earned the wartime leader credit; when asked about his decision to postpone the election he had promised to hold immediately after the war, Governor Welles defended the action as necessary; “Hillsbrad required a stable government and a firm figure to recover in the austerity of the post-war. I saw that my obligations had not yet been seen through; I was not going to allow the people to sup on promises, but I felt honour-bound to ensure they had something else to sup on, too.”

    In the House of Commons Liberal leader Sir William Douglas lead tributes to the Governor’s tenure, saluting him as “A determined, relentless and constant presence whose shadow shall echo on in this chamber for years to come,” whereas the Conservative side’s Charles Brantham speculated that “The Governor just passed marks the end of an epoch; let us ensure it is not a return to the unquestioned rule of a single man,”

    These remarks follow the opening of the election season as both Douglas and Brantham will be looking to secure the space the Governor has left behind in the upcoming contest. Sir William was seen touring the hightown of Southshore at the back of a carriage in the wake of the Governor’s resignation, and partisan party rallies have been held at the Free Call Saloon for the Conservative party.

    Presently Arthur Laine shall be chair of the committee government that will continue to preside over the proceedings. Mister Laine stressed that each party should conduct itself “In good conscience, seeing the competition through to a pleasant end,” as controversial issues such as the military presence in the Wetlands and the Gilnean question are set to be discussed in parliament’s first debate next month.


    Troops of the 43rd Azurelode in the Headland Campaign

    Just five years after the passing of the Great War Sir Martin Holme speculates the failure of the Gilnean Liberal Party to secure another electoral majority in office. “Their lack of presence, charisma and failure to ensure the recovery of the Gilnean state has worrying implications for the new republic before it has even begun,” said Sir Martin in an interview on Thursday, “I predict a decisive victory for the Nationalist Party in the upcoming contest, and woe be us for the implications,”

    There have been fears among the major party candidates about the potential for the Nationalist Party to recuperate Gilnean industrial might and once again pose a threat to Hillsbrad. “These men are not a force for peace,” decreed Sir William, “Their intentions are malicious, seditious, and vengeful; and should our brethren in the moderate factions of Gilneas fail to counter them, I cannot but look on with anxiety,”

    Brantham countered with a dismissal of SIr William’s ‘paranoia’, calling for a “Round rejection of Sir William’s blatant partisan politics. The Gilnean people do not wish another ruinous world conflict - they can seldom stand themselves! Why must Sir WIlliam insist on kicking our ally when they are downed?”


    Governor Henry Welles and the Gilnean Reactionary Faction resign from power, ending the formal Governate of Hillsbrad.

    A caretaker government under Arthur Haine assume the reins of power whilst the race goes on.

    A general election is called, with all adult males over the age of thirty who have incomes in the top brackets being allowed the vote. (1 turn until result, DM intervention)

    The Liberal Party candidate, Sir William Douglas, courts the industrialists and the upper class with promises of continued isolationism.

    The Conservative Party candidate Charles Brantham appeals to a sense of patriotism and citates obligations to Gilneas and the Wetlands.


    The military begins to implement changes to the Lennard Plan based on military experiences from the Great War. (Strategic Mobility being researched)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Khama on Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:38 pm

    The Gnomish Confederacy

    Pop: 1,000,000
    Manpower: 10,000
    Income per year: .01*Pop +50,000
    Pop increase: .06*Pop
    Manpower increase: Pop increase*.06

    Around half a dozen Gnomes covered in soot, grease, and dirt sat around the ornament table. The room itself was lit brightly with attendents bringing food to the table. A long day of tinkering had occurred, with blueprints being drafted and mechanisms worked upon, which left no time for formalities.
    The Tinkers had assembled at the order of High Tinker Pelrose Stormthrottle. He was young, but reliable and knowledgeable in his many duties. Thus far he has made sure to keep the people of Gnomeregan out of harm's way, but things had changed over the many years. The prospects of ever lasting tranquility did not catch his eye and he knew a war would come once again.

    “Gentlemen, I’ve called you all here today for one reason. To discuss turning our focus to the greater world. Where the things we invent can be used to make both money and also used to stem the tides of war for the greater populace.” High Tinker Stormthrottle kept his gaze on the assembled Tinkers. The best of the best they were and here they were contemplating the words of possibility. An argument that could be heard practically across the city unfolded and a Medical unit would need to be called before it was all over.  

    Yet, several days later High Tinker Stormthrottle would be in his formal wear, awaiting to give his appearance to the screaming crowd. He took several breaths as his eyes closed. One of his bookworms tapped him on the shoulder, and he strode forward through the doorway to the podium. The Lights were vast and bright as a thronging crowd lay before him.

    Pelrose cleared his throat, “Friends, fellows, people of Gnomeregan I come to you today to inform you all of our future. Life is something sacred, but inventions are absolute for us, and continuing our current ways will lead us astray from both of these paths. Several reformations are going to occur.” He looked across the sea looking into the faces of the old and young, “Our role in the world needs to change. It will be difficult, I assure you, but if you desire to keep our peace in this great city then it must be done. We must look to assisting against the Legion within the Wetlands, but also look for trading partners. Yet, these can not be without changes to our Military.” He paused at the sound of several claps from the crowd and after several moments he continued.

    “Thus, I am here to state two new programs that will begin. First, the creation of a group of individuals that will assist in all foreign matters. That will protect our interests abroad, and of course alongside this we will be implementing 500 Crowd Bots to take their place in the city with an organized Military Police that will help keep the peace. Now, I will take any questions you may have.” With the door open the people’s questions spewed in.

    Creation of the Gnomish Foreign Legion, or GFL for short. 1,000 Troops inducted at the start.
    Creation of a Military Police that strictly helps defends/patrols the city. 1,000 Troops inducted at the start.
    Construction of 500 Crowd Bots (DM Attention)

    Research into a Vechicle that could Transport Tanks (1 year)
    Research into Bolt-Action Rifles (1.5 years)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Danhar on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:00 am

    The Kingdom of Kul'Tiras

    King Derek watched the Galleons come soaring from the New World whilst he sat outside on the balcony, accompanied by two men and a flagon of wine. Both of the men were heavily tanned and carried themselves with uplifted and deserved regal. They hadn't had the chance to wash themselves, so they smelt of the harbour, the sea and of the streets below the magnificent castle where the people of Boralus toiled. Neither of them seemed to mind this and Daelin actually seemed to like it.

    "How are things in New Boralus?"

    King Derek asked and his son answered. The discussion was marred by tiredness and wine. The father and the son did most of the talking, ranging from the state of the colonies to who was keeping Daelin's bed warm. The third wheel in the discussion remained silent for the most part, tepidly enjoying a glass of lukewarm water whilst the heavy sun burned harder than back on Proudron. He was some years older than Daelin and carried a mane of grey as his crown. He looked much like his mother and even more so like his father.

    "What of Gilneas?"

    The man asked and King Derek finally smiled.


    The Tirasian Parliament offers hand out to Gilneas. [Player&DM Attention]
    Johnathan Without is named the new Governor of New Boralus and moves to deal with the Tuskboar. [DM Attention]
    Men and women are influenced through non-official means to join the Colonies; a sly tactic orchestrated by Prince Daelin to clean the streets of Boralus of rabble. [DM Attention]
    Funding is funneled towards the building of new college in Boralus. [DM Attention]


    Advanced water, and sewer construction
    The Home Telegraph


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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by DogtagK on Sun Sep 06, 2015 4:15 pm

    “Alterac will either be a world power or will not be at all,” - Wilhelm III of Alterac

    Screams of joy filled the snowy streets of Alterac. Taxpayers, lawmen, workers, tattlers, teens; women and men alike, rushed out of their homes and workplaces, and joined the crowded march towards the castle of Gothard Brecht.

    The massed sound of a dozen hundred marching leather boots against the stone street and a happy but determined melody played by the Royal Musician Corps embraced the bystanders of the event. It was the sixteenth birthday of King Wilhelm III and the last day of Alterac’s regency.
    But the very first day of Alterac's greatness.


    • The old army is reformed into the Imperial Alteracian Army upon the research of a much more efficient army doctrine.

    • A budget of fifty thousand (50,000) is laid down to revamp and improve the infrastructure level in the country. (DM ATTENTION)

    • Recruitment posters for the Imperial Alteracian Army are put up to draw more men to the military. Join now! (DM ATTENTION)

    • Caine and Arthur Salisbury are welcomed up to the King’s retreat in the mountains for a meeting. (PC ATTENTION)


    - Research into Modern Army Doctrine (2 years) and Bolt-Action Rifles begin (2 years)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Gustaf on Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:48 pm

    The Kingdom of Ironforge

    Baldur Bronzebeard stared out at the vast peaks of Khaz Modan. Snow, everywhere. Cold, unforgiving, yet home. He nodded to himself, a soft smile on his face. His long braid swayed with the wind, with the falling snow sticking to it. This was his kingdom, and far beyond these peaks it continued. He turned around and marched back into his quarters. His heavy steps echoed across his halls, and as he returned inside, his closest of closest waited for him.

    Baldur was newly ascended to the throne of Ironforge, at the tender age of 105. His father had perished not long ago, an uneventful passing, and the son had inherited the realm, extending beyond and beyond. Fit, wise enough, and with a reputation as a warrior from the times when the Bronzebeards aided their Wildhammer kinsmen during the war against the demons, he intended to bring the Kingdom of Ironforge to new heights. Whatever the cost.

    Long hours of debate and organization was what Ironforge was after Baldur’s ascension to the throne. He would often be with his kin and advisors, planning for… the future. Young, greedy, strong. He had his sights on a dwarfkind united, or so the rumors said.

    Soon enough, a company of armed dwarves rode out of the gates of Ironforge. Their mission was unannounced, but whatever would come, one thing was true… Change would come, and Baldur would see war rage again.

    A host of 100 dwarves on rams are sent scouting into Dark Iron territory. [DM attention]
    Messenger sent to Gnomeregan. [Player Attention]
    15,000 soldiers inducted into the Royal Guard.

    Begin to research Bolt-Action rifles
    Begin to research Modern Steam Tanks


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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by BestBe on Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:34 pm

    Year 20, Summer.

    Gilneas:  After a long hard-fought campaign, Sir Fraser Caine is given the position of Prime Minister. However, within the newly established parliament though several seats were delivered to the Gilnean Nationalist League the majority is held by the Liberal Party. Within his first few days in office, Sir Fraser Caine is handed a report detailing the increasing presence of Worgen within Gilneas hunters finding more by the day. To go along with the Worgen Report, a person goes missing nearly every day some say it’s the Worgen others the work of a serial killer. [Player choice/decision required]

    Lordaeron: People, upon seeing the wonders brought from Kalimdor, begin to leave in droves the colonies receiving a massive boom in population. (With the new colonial drive, the colonies will develop quicker. Just as well, you receive a 50,000 additional population growth per DM post.) Nobles arrive, with their retinue in hand, the most powerful of which Alexi Barov arrives. King Arthas’ father in law, who even in his age looks well. Meanwhile, on the walls Saidan Dathrohan receives a report about a growing demonic presence even larger than usual. It may be that the demons are preparing something. [Player choice/ decision required]  

    Hillsbrad: Charles Brantham achieves victory becoming the first Prime Minister of The Federal Republic of Hillsbrad. With his victory, surprisingly, The Conservative party has won a majority within the newly established parliament. A small mining town in former Dalaran lands has gone silent, no one has heard word from the town in several weeks. The report makes it to the new Prime Minister, just as the rumors begin to spread about the town. [Player choice/decision required]

    Gnomish Confederacy: The people seem fairly happy with the new police force patrolling the streets of Gnomergan. Even though crime was a rare thing, it still made them feel safe. Though, with the creation of the GFL several Gnomes are very vocal about their protests on this matter.  A gnome that had recently cleared out a cavern, discovered a massive gem-stone as soon as it was discovered the report was brought to the High-Tinker. [Player choice/ decision required]

    Kul’Tiras: The sound of construction fills the streets of Boralus as the new college has begun construction, the materials and the workers pay quickly becomes an apparent drain on the budget of Kul’Tiras.  (-20,000 Gold) Meanwhile, thieves, murderers, and various other rabble are shipped off to the colonies. The colonial governors, all from prominent noble houses begin to make a rather large stink about it about how could the King force the good hardworking people of Kul’Tiras to work alongside this rabble. [Player choice/decision required] The Tuskboar are dealt with handily.

    Alterac: The construction of new infrastructure has begun, all across the Kingdom workers can be seen establishing new Railroads and personal roads for the new motorized carriages. (+5 Infrastructure per’ year, -50k Gold used per’ year.)  More men seem to be filtering into the Alteracian Army, although it is hard to say definitively. The Kings advisors ask for him to wait until the end of the year, to see if it has truly functioned as intended.

    Ironforge: No report is ever heard back from the 100 dwarves sent into Dark Iron territory. Within Ironforge, rumors begin to spread about the Dark Irons and how they must be clearly marshalling an army to strike against Ironforge and force them back under their heel. [Player Attention required]

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Norzium on Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:41 pm

    The Hillsbrad Herald
    News & Comment from around the Continent

    General Kennedy and Minister Paramount inspects the beginnings of new positions


    A slew of legislation in the Alteraci Assembly approving expansions of armed forces has been regarded as ‘a clear message’ by the House of Commons and the government. Speaking to the assembly today the Prime Minister acknowledged that “Any drastic expansion of the Alteraci armed forces sends a clear message to the people of Hillsbrad and this government; we will take appropriate steps to counteract and mitigate the danger our rival poses to us,”

    An undisclosed sum of money has since been poured into a series of fortifications and artillery positions known as the ‘Paramount Line’ enclosing the Alterac-Hillsbrad border. Natives of the Tarren Mill region have been enlisted on construction projects with private equity firms charged with ensuring the forts and trench networks are completed within the decade. General Kennedy, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and Alexander Paramount, Minister of Defense, were seen touring the border yesterday accompanied by prominent engineer Mark Hyde. Minister Alexander told the Herald; “In these times of belligerent peace we must never forget there are still those whose territorial ambitions overstretch their love for common humanity - these fortifications are an assurance of Hillsbrad’s independence, and I pray they simply remain that; an assurance,”

    This has been accompanied by a considerable easing of tax burdens to those firms who will work on the fortifications at a reduced rate. The Hillsbrad Armed Forces has declined to release any official comment on the existence of the project or the situation within Alterac, though a debate in parliament in which General Kennedy is scheduled to speak will be held within the month, pitting an emboldened pacifist party remaining from the war headed by the member for Thondroril West Martin Hughes against the war cabinet in justifying the increased defense expenditure.

    When asked if the escalation may mark the beginning of an Alteraci invasion which he was ignoring, Mister Hughes told the Herald that; “There is a clear divide between the two nations, but it is important to know that we have just emerged from the greatest war in continental history since the clashes with the Dwarves,” he then went on to illustrate his point by saying; “The Alteraci people, if not the Alteraci government, will not wish a continuation of hostilities,”

    Whether the omens of a future conflict are on the horizon or not is unclear, but the escalation on either side shows no signs of abating.


    Former Army Captain Brantham prepares to take oath

    Charles Brantham took the oath of office before parliament today to claim the mantle of Prime Minister after a surprising Conservative landslide which saw Sir William Douglas, the rank favourite, and his Liberal supporters reduced to a rump of seats this week. In a speech outside the steps of parliament the former officer declared; “The will of the electorate and the people of Hillsbrad is very clear - a dedication to our allies, a policy of gratitude to our industry, and an end to the sulking isolationism that has left our Republic a diplomatic enigma unrecognized as an equal among the great powers,”

    “My colleagues in the parliamentary party would like to thank the people of Hillsbrad for their confidence in electing them; and now let the wrangle for policy and place begin.”

    Among the Prime Minister’s primary concerns are said to be present tensions between Lordaeron and Gilneas, the present situation in the New World, and the sharp increase in Socialist activity in industrial areas. Prominent Union leaders widely condemned the result but remained wary about promising action, only commenting; “We shall wait to see what Mister Brantham’s policies are before we act rashly - the extending of the vote to people of all wages, and freedoms of meetings and speech would be the first steps,”

    Sir William Douglas resigned as leader of the Liberal Party upon hearing the result; “It is clear that the people of Hillsbrad have been unable to find a reason why they should elect our party under my leadership; the disaster of this election happened under my watch, and I shall therefore step aside to allow a new face to champion Liberalism when Mister Brantham sees it as prudent to call a new election,”

    “I wish them the best of luck, for the only way appears to be upward for the Liberal Party,”

    The result allows much-needed direction and leadership to be restored to Hillsbrad after the interim of Arthur Laine’s cabinet. Mister Laine and the Prime Minister shook hands outside of the office of the Head of State at Talbot House as Mister Laine made his exit. When asked about the future of the Gilnean Party of Government, Mister Laine simply smiled and said; “I shall leave that to the Gilnean people of Hillsbrad to organize,”


    In an isolated cabinet ruling, the Brantham Government sanctions the creation of the Third Section for the purposes of ‘internal security’. Their existence is kept covert from the opposition and the general populace.

    An extensive series of fortifications along the Alteraci border called the Paramount Line are plotted and subsidized by the government. Contracts are offered to private firms that will work the cheapest for the most extensive tax cuts. (-40,000, DM attention)

    General campaigns of awareness attempt to encourage young men to enlist by illustrating ‘the Alteraci threat’. (DM attention)

    A contingent of Hillsbradi arms men are organized into the First Hillsbrad Expedition, lead by the eager explorer Isaac Willis. There are talks of a venture to the new world, and Brantham sends an ambassador to prominent local industrialists offering them land in the new world for investment. (DM attention)

    Tariffs are raised to ten percent on foreign steel, coal and iron, in order to encourage the production of the budding industries within Hillsbrad and prevent their eradication by more established foreign markets. (DM attention)

    The government purchases shares in several Gilnean businesses; primarily, they appear interested in steel, lumber and coal. (-20,000. DM and player attention)

    Secret action.


    Strategic Mobility to be completed within the year.

    Mass aircraft construction to be completed within three years

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Matias123 on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:39 pm

    Kingdom of Lordaeron

    Population: 7,950,000
    Manpower: 397,500
    Warships: 55
    Starting gold: 825,000
    Income per year: 75,000 Or .01*Population
    Population increase per year: 450,000Or .06*Population.*.
    Manpower Increase per year:22,500 Or Population increase*.05

    "Forward march! Form two columns on me, men!"

    A band of fourty, armed, soldiers created two columns behind the man bellowing the orders. The men carried out the given orders without doubt or hesitation. The leader sat on a raven coloured stallion, cladded in a combination of mail and leather. The fourty-one men began marching into the Capitol, leaving a rather large host of tents, its inhabitants wielding the blue sigil of Lordaeron. As the entourage entered the streets of the Capitol, a crowd began to form on the sides, whispers being ushered. Unsure of wether to be afraid or glad.

    "Is that...? No, can't be."

    "The Butcher of the Hinterlands...?"

    "I thought the King had permanently posted the General in the Hinterlands after the incident with the neighbour Household..."

    "T-that's General Othmar Garithos..."

    The sound of marching feet hounded the soulless square beneath the palace, the stomps from the hooves of the stallion, the clinging of armour from the soldiers. Eventually the giant of a man, the General, lowers himself from the stallion, entering the palace with five of his men-at-arms. The retinue enters through the door leading to the throne room, displaying a various amount of characters. Noble Lords, Politicians, and people of high authority in general. With the highest authoritive figure of them all sitting ontop of the throne. King Arthas Menethil. A crier soon began to speak outloud when the chittering amongst the inhabitants within the throne room quieted down.

    “King Arthas Menethil, First of his name, King of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, assumes the room!”

    The King stood up from his throne, making him more visible for the attended, and assumed the speaker board which had been set up infront of the throne. The sunlight grazed through the windows, landing perfectly upon the King. Rumors and tales would say that his golden locks of hair should shine, his posture being perfect, but this revealed the opposite. The skin of the King was pale, he seemed sick, and his golden locks had begun to grey. Unusual for a man slightly past his prime.

    “I have summoned you all this day, where we, as a people, must decide what the future for this Kingdom holds. But before we continue with that, I must announce something close to my heart to my kinsmen. Due to the illness I’ve gained during the last year, I will disclose myself to the tranquil gardens of Saint Uther Monestary. To assume military command during my -temporarily- leave will be Brigadier - General Othmar Garithos.”

    A rather long and raw series of coughs escaped the King’s mouth, though he quickly recovered from it and continued.

    “While Garithos assumes command of our military force, I will leave Magistrate Sevren as Steward of the Capitol. My son alongside my Father-in-Law, Lord Alexei Barov, will remain here to keep the Royal presence in the Capitol strong. I trust you will all respect them as you respect me.”

    Yet another series of coughs escaped the King, which dips his head curtly before departing from the speaking board, returning to his throne. He gestures with his hands at Garithos and Sevran. Garithos moved to the board at the moment the King raised his hand, Sevran however, was apparantly occupied with a hushed conversation with Dame Brigitte, the daughter of the Arch-Bishop. It took little time before he noticed that he had become the center of attention. The man quickly made his way to the board, smiling weakly as he nodded to the crowd. Garithos took the initative.

    “Light bless you, My King. Me and Sevren will keep the Kingdom together while you recuperate.”

    The Magister quickly added in.

    “Now as we’ve gone past introductions, allow us to move onto national matters…”

    The meeting continued for several hours, several days. In that time, Magister Sevran and General Garithos had laid out several drafts. Sevran and his cabin began to execute their plan to fix the economy from the several counties within Lordaeron that was behind on their taxes. Garithos had issued, alongside several other Military figures, a mandatory call-to-arms for young able bodied men to serve within the army for maximum a year of their lifes. Where they’d recieve training on how to combat and on basic survival. Not only that, but he planned to mass-upgrade the firearms within the Lordaeron Army, issuing the development of upgraded rifles.

    “Prepare those cannons, move it!”

    “Sir, they’re closing in, we won’t be able to fire the first barrage before they’ve reached the walls!”

    The War-Hero, Saidan Dathrohan, rushed out of one of the towers on the massive wall, which housed many of the officers under his command, including him. A horde of Fel-dogs had approached the wall, having used the shadows of the night to cover their approach. It was by accident that one of the recruits had noticed several, small, orbs of green in the night.

    “They’ve reached the footings of the wall!”

    “I-I can see them, they’re comi -- ARHH!”

    The Fel-Dogs had managed to breach the Wall. A pack of them climbed up the wall by the Officer Tower, but alas, they were quickly dispatched by Saidan and his guard.

    “Lord Dathrohan, another pack incoming at great speed, within firing range!”

    Saidan un-holstered his revolver, using a mere moment to inspect the fine weapon.

    “Lieutenant, fire at will, use rifles to dispatch the ones whom endures the barrage, hack down the rest. Light is with us this night, brethren!”

    The bells of the Capitol rang. The bells of Stratholme rang. The bells of Tyr's Hand rang. The whole nation had their bells ring in rhythm, for a saint of mankind had passed on to the graces of the Light. The nation was in grief, men, women and children was seen crying in the street as they placed buckets of flowers at the closest chapel, church or cathedral. As the corpse of the Late King was paraded through the Capitol to the King's Tomb, thousands had gathered. The son of Arthas, Reginald, and daughter, Calia, spearheaded the parade, flowers being gently placed in their path. Behind them came Alexei Barov, Magister Savran, and General Garithos, the elected regents of the nation.

    The Archbishop of Tyr's Hand, Isiden, was a close friend of King Arthas, considered him as one of the most pius of men that had ever lived in Isiden's life time, and he refused to let more good men like him die in vain. The Archbishop were one of the first to hear the breach at the Wall surrounding the Dark Portal. Action had to be made, not the actions of a nation, but an action for all mankind. He gathered twenty - five of the finest scribes within the Cathedral of Light within Tyr's Hand, where he instructed them to

    The parchments are mass produced and sent to all corners of the Eastern Kingdoms, even some manage to make their way west.

    The Archbishop are not the only one being quite busy after the recent events. Garithos, the other of the regents and most of the nobles and politicians agreed for a nation-wide mobilization against the Legion -- and potentially other threats.

    "By the Light, charge men! Hold this line, corporal, send word for Sir Abbendis and his knights."

    A pale corporal quickly carried out his orders, having faith that he'd endure to see them through. But alas, the poor man dies after a Doomguard managed to cleave him in two pieces. Sir Abbendis and his knights quickly dispatches of the demon.

    "You called for us, Sir Saidan?"

    "Good that you've come. As you know, the dwarves have retreated from their position, and demons are pouring out of there. I must remain here to hold this position, if we lose it, Menethil will be ripe for the taking. Take with you three hundred fighters, cladded with plate and silver, along with two hundred riflemen. I know these a few numbers, but do not fret. The vindicators of the Draenei will aid you. I've managed to get about one hundred vindicators to join you in your counter - charge. This might be a suicide mission, but we must hold them back until reinforcements arrive. I will continue to send men to aid you once the situation here calms down. Now, spread the word, gather your best. You leave at noon. Light guide us in this dark time, men."

    The gathered banged their hands onto their chests in rhythm.


    Zeppelins and boats are issued to prepare for eager settlers to be sent to the New World.

    Magister Sevren and his cabin prepares to fix the economic issue with small counties not paying their taxes properly.[DM Attention]

    Garithos issues a mandatory 1 year service for all able-bodied youth at the age of twenty throughout the Kingdom, this provides combat training and sessions about basic survival skills.[DM Attention]

    Garithos initiates the development of upgraded weaponry.

    King Arthas goes into temporarily exile within the Saint Uther Monestary in Tirisfal Glades. Leaving his son, Uther, and Alexei Barov in regency of the Capitol. King Arthas has passed on.

    New Actions:

    A Holy Call to arms are sent throughout the Kingdoms, asking for all able-bodied to join the fight against the Legion. Alexandros Mograine are annointed the Commander of the gathered force of volunteers.[DM Attention]

    Supplies of True Silver are being amassed by the Nation to be sent to the Wetlands.

    Garithos starts to mobilize 800 thousand soldiers to be ready for march down south to the Wetlands, alongside he prepares to mobilize 600k for Mass Training, he gathers them in Silverpine, close to Fenris Isle.[DM Attention]

    All zeppelins are being prepared for combat, being equipped with more armour and weaponry. Skybreaker will be the spearhead of the soon-to-be established armada.

    --Secret Action--


    Research on Modern Artillery initiates (Within the year - 1 DM post passed)
    Research on Modern Musket (1 Year)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

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    War has broken out in the Dwarven march of Stormwind as long rebuked royal, Prince Nicholas Wrynn I - former Commandant of Castle Brungir and newly proclaimed Sovereign of Stormwind and Protector of the newly named Castle Vandermar after the removal of all foreign pickets and proclamations in the Lord's territory of Southern Elwynn, Humanity has found new hope after long generations under Imperial rule of Anvilmar.

    The Dwarves reel out, ready to whip the rebels into shape and servitude once more. The Prince sends his regards to hopeful myrmidons of MEN, seeking to lend aid in whatever form it may be to support their cause and their war effort to secure a new home and a new future for HUMANITY.

    It will be a long and bloody fight...

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Galvatorix on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:57 pm


    Across the dwarven controlled lands the news spreads like dragonfire and soon enough the reprecussions are felt across the once united nation of Stormwind. As Prince Nicholas begins to muster his forces, thousands of humans flee in exodus fearing the vengance of their dwarven masters who in turn lash out with cruelty to the rebels. The screams of unloyal servants and unfortunate bystanders fill the streets after the proclamation is made public.

    Lord Paramount Dagnar Steel adresses the concerns with a stern demeanor: 

    "Good people of Stormwind, you have come to witness a terrible betrayal to the nation of Stormwind and its people. Our beloved Prince Wrynn has risen up in rebellion, eager to wage war on the pre-tense of maniacal dellusions and covered in racial discrimination against my own people. 

    I will make this clear. Prince Nicholas is no savior, neither is he a liberator. He is but another upstart warlord, whose ambitions and greed know no bounds. He and his compatriots will hide their lust for war behind honeyed rhetoric and anarchist ideals. Make no mistake, he will bring chaos and ruin to our nation unless stopped. 

    Humans and Dwarves have co-existed for many years under prosperous peace. But this stability is threatened to be shattered forever. Let us rise up against the chaos, together and restore order to our home."


    Anti-Rebel Propaganda booms across the nations painting Prince Wrynn as a racist and ambitious upstart who will stop at nothing to meet his goal. It ushers both human and dwarf to take up arms against him, for the promise of gold, properties and titles. (DM attention)

    The properties and valuables of rebels and humans who have fled to the other side are sized by the goverment. (DM attention)

    The Dwarven lords are instructed to cease the slaughter of the human population and instead seek ways to bring them into the fold be it through money or rhetoric. (DM attention)


    Aid is requested from the Dwarven nations. (Player Attention)

    Foreign human nations are asked to remain neutral in the conflict to avoid diplomatic scandals. (Player Attention)


    Advance Water and Sewer Construction (2)

    Home Telegraph (2)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

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    The cries of the paperboys filled the morning air and shocked murmuring followed; was it to be another Great War?
    Nothing was certain, nothing but looming war in the horizon.


      Funneling more funds to the renovation of the whole city [-100,000]Armed expeditions are sent to the north to find a steady supply of water [DM Attention]Governor Without attacks the remaining Tuskboar with fire and steel [DM Attention]Prince Daelin begins his tour of Gilneas [Player Attention]-Secret action-
      Volunteers are enlisted and shipped with supplies to Stormwind. Kul'tiras vows to protect humanity [DM & Player Attention]


    Advanced water and sewage construction (1)
    Home Telegraph (1)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Tyke on Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:54 pm

    The Gilnean Chronicle

    By Gilneans, For Gilneans.

    Caine voters using their fingers to spell 'v' for victory.


    It was two in the morning when the final result for the last constituency, Duskhaven South, was announced. It was a victory for the Liberal candidate, but that did naught to stem the landslide Nationalist majority, who managed to win eighty-seven of the one hundred and ten parliament seats. The Prime Minister said he felt a strong sense of ‘sorrow’ as he was forced to evacuate his residence of Clarence Hall. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Randall Haigh offered a more violent opinion; proclaiming that the Gilnean people had ‘betrayed their own interests and stabbed themselves in the back.’ He went on to say they ‘will now suffer the consequences.’

    Caine himself marched into the Parliament Square accompanied by newly appointed Field Marshall, Sir Francis Cook, Minister of Defense Herbert Montgomery and Foreign Minister Edward Kitchener. When pushed for a comment, Sir Fraser told the Gilnean public to “make ready for the looming struggle,” pressing on with his promise of a “prouder, stronger Gilneas.”
    At the next day’s dawn, Sir Fraser addressed the nation; he gave a fiery, passionate speech, telling the Gilnean people that he knew ‘it must have been hard at times, waiting for the change that never came’, lambasting the stagnant Liberal governance, saying “Again and again the appeal had to be made, and again and again the Gilnean spirit crushed.”

    Much to public revelation and parliamentary controversy, Sir Fraser has kept his word and made instant movements to catch up with our neighbours. Emerging from the Prime Minister’s residence at Minister’s Row, he immediately, with the help of the Chief Whip, pushed through the ‘Caine Bill’ with immediate action.

    The Bill’s contents are vague, for now; though the major policies contained have been leaked to the public. An appeal to Lordaeron and Hillsbrad has been made, with calls for a conference in neutral soil at Alterac.

    Caine also made a bold move to tackle the rising tide that is unemployment: enacting the National Service act, in which all unemployed males from the ages of eighteen to fifty would be conscripted and drafted into the Gilnean Military, now under the charge of Sir Francis Cook. Cook was reported to say that he was looking forward to the military reforms and training with ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘excitement for the task’.

    Admiral John Cromwell wished the navy ‘good hunting’, as they sat out on a voyage across the sea to scout out this ‘new world’.

    The Ministry of Defense was ‘overwhelmed’ by the surge of volunteers that rushed the recruitment offices in both the city and country.

    Above, is Caine himself appearing on the official recruitment propaganda, pictated over bold words, declaring: ‘GILNEANS! YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.’

    Controversially, the Home Secretary Horatio Wellesley has opted to distance the new government from the Liberal controlled Gilneas, and has chosen to outlaw the (former) Gilnean national flag, instead branding new flags to the Army, Artillery, Navy and the Nation itself. Our political correspondent was unable to get any possible designs.

    It is, without a doubt, the start of a long climb in which Caine will toil tirelessly to better Gilneas, and take her back on to the world stage. It is rumoured that the Prime Minister has enjoyed personal meetings with both the Prince of Kul’Tiras and King Wilhelm of Alterac, which has stoked the flames of tension as he is set to deliver his demands at the conference that he has called to be held in Southshore.

    The remaining contents of the Caine Bill is set to be released later this week.


    - Caine immediately starts a crisis over the wall, with Lordaeron, Kul'Tiras, Hillsbrad, Alterac, Stromgarde and Ironforge all being invited to the conference in Southshore. (PLAYER ATTENTION)

    - Conscription introduced for all unemployed males from the ages eighteen to fifty, drafting them in to the military with immediate effect. (DM ATTENTION)

    - Tax breaks, tax incentives and lower tariffs are introduced to encourage capitalists and other nations to take Hillsbrad's lead and invest in the Gilnean economy. 55,000 gold is also set aside for loans to help establish factories. ( -55,000, DM ATTENTION)

    - Naval piers and accommodation is given away to the Tirasians, allowing them to dock their military in Gilnean harbours. 

    - In the depths of the night, Harvest Witches and foreigners rounded up.

    - Vessels skip across the pond with a small outfit of 5,000 Conscripts; they will attempt to enslave a paltry amount of Night Elves, then ferry them back across. If men would start being lost, their orders would to be to round up as many of them as possible, burn the land and bring them home. (DM ATTENTION)

    - Churches are erected, and 'anybody of good faith' from either Silverpine or Hillsbrad are invited to Gilneas.

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Norzium on Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:37 pm

    The Hillsbrad Herald
    News and comment from around the continent

    Military drill outside Southshore as armed forces are mustered


    The government declared a state of national emergency today as reports from the Wetlands front were publicized. Mounting casualties and impossible creatures are reported to be marauding in the borderland swamps, and rumours of the dreaded undead menace returning to the continent would not be confirmed by Mister Brantham or his cabinet. Key industries such as steel, coal and nearly every factory has been coordinated under the Council of the National Executive for wartime production measures.

    Shortly after this declaration Mister Brantham made a speech to the Commons, where he stated; “The exhaustion and the memory of our previous struggle hangs heavily over us. These ill omens from the Wetlands highlight that it is not just our political sovereignty that is now in jeopardy, but the integrity of our entire world. I have stated bluntly to our allies and I shall state it bluntly again; our petty disputes shall have to wait. There must be no hesitation, no room for petty spite, no token offerings or political dirty dealing. Now all men must unite in a collective front to face the new menace; let our nation’s commitment be the beacon in the darkness. Hillsbrad, if not any other, shall march into the abyss, chanting the hymn of war, to offset the world’s ending. And should history be written after this, they shall remark on how we were the first.”

    Whilst the rousing address was hailed in the commons as a triumph of rallying, the Liberal Party cannot help but remind Mister Brantham of their previous warnings about the intentions of Gilneas under Mister Fraser Caine. Recently disclosed is Mister Caine’s alignment to the nation of Alterac, which has lead to speculation a concentrated Gilnean diplomatic effort is attempting to overrun Lordaeron and Hillsbrad. Liberal popularity among the electorate has surged, and, with new leader Alexander Hague on the front benches, confidence in the party has only risen as Mister Brantham’s government mobilizes for yet another great war following the failure of Friday’s conference.

    A government of national confidence, consisting of Mister Brantham as leader, Mister Hague as the first Deputy Prime Minister and Arthur Welles - nephew of the Governor and prominent figure in the Gilnean Party of Government - as Chancellor are to oversee the war effort with each party being allocated a single member to a single ministry of government.

    The Mobilization Act was passed almost unilaterally through the Commons as the cabinet worked into the weekend, requiring every man of fighting age (between the ages of fifteen and fourty five) to report to their nearest recruitment office for an immediate medical inspection before their enlistment in the armed services. An intensive drill regime has been enforced as the armies prepare for their excursion to the Wetlands. An optimistic General Kennedy in his role at High Command predicted “Victory within the year,”


    Mobilization is decreed in Hillsbrad as the shocking reports of the Silverpine Guard’s struggle in the Wetlands are published for public viewing.

    All young men of fighting age are expected to report to their nearest recruitment office for a medical examination before they are accepted into the armed forces to ensure the wheat is kept from the chaff. (DM attention)

    The Brantham government is dissolved and the government of National Confidence, still headed by Charles Brantham but with senior Liberal and Gilnean Government figures, is established to lead the country through the conflict.

    All industry is coordinated under the Council of the National Executive, a coalition of prominent industrialists that own the factories and government officials to coordinate their production for war. (DM attention)

    The government begins to buy up Truesilver reserves. (DM attention)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Tyke on Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:21 pm

    The Gilnean Chronicle

    By Gilneans, for Gilneans.

    National Servicemen board Tirasian ferries.


    Sir Francis Cook was smiling enthusiastically in Spencer Square today, tipping his hat to the grinning Tommies parading through the streets.

    He’s a likable figure, it turns out; sharing some japes with the passing troops, commenting with a toothy smirk that “Women do like a man in uniform, and they like one with scars even better.” When asked to comment on Caine’s first few months in office, he bobbed a shoulder and joked that he’d “certainly brought his Caine down on the cabinet.”

    Caine himself was up on the platform, waving away and saluting with the fanfares and trumpets at his back.

    Teary, youthful girls struggled to hold back blubs as they kissed their men good bye, reviving the ancient Gilnean tradition to tie their handkerchiefs to Tommies’ bicep.

    “We’re thinking about the poor chaps down South, now; light knows they need us.” said Cook, the standard officer’s redcoat decorated with war medals. “It’s a fight on a new front, against a new foe. These boys will go down in the history books, for sure.”

    There is, admittedly, a new buzz around Gilneas. Tommy Atkins, marching for liberty, freedom and for common humanity; looking to give those demon spawn down in the Wetlands a good seeing to, and making sure us back on the Home Front can enjoy the values we hold dear.

    So, if you see a Tommy kissing his lass goodbye; make sure to shake his hand, or give him a firm clap on the back.


    - 185,000 Gilnean Soldiers of the Gilnean Expeditionary Force, augmented by 15,000 foreigners and Harvest Witches, are ferried across the pond by Tirasian vessels to land in the Wetlands and make for allied territory. They are led by Sir Francis Cook.

    - In an agreement achieved by the Prince, 5,000 Tirasian Soldiers immediately assume control of the wall, spreading out and manning it from coast to coast.

    - The Gilnean-Tirasian Alliance is penned, and a second Gilnean harbour opened up for use by the Tirasians.

    - Secret Action.

    - Letters are penned.

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Khama on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:39 pm

    The Gnomish Confederacy
    Pop: 1,000,000
    Manpower: 10,000
    Income per year: .01*Pop +50,000
    Pop increase: .06*Pop
    Manpower increase: Pop increase*.06

    A great debate spewed over night after knowledge of the events in the Wetlands spread. Fear went rampant through the Tinkers as they discussed what to do. Do they send the GFL? Do they fortify the city itself? Should they get into contact with other nations? As each question was asked and the topic covered the night continued its crawl.

    Eventually the room went quiet. The High Tinker had raised his hand and then informed everyone on what they were to do. First off on the matter of the Gemstone was a group was to be sent to analyze it. Further action on that matter was to be seen.

    As the night continued the High Tinker prepared a speech for the morrow, and half an hour past noon he began. He informed the populace of the reports that had happened in the Wetlands, and that they would currently not actively engage the threat through Troops. But, they were preparing to do so and already were integrating 2,000 more Gnomes into the GFL along with 1,000 to the Military Police to up security.

    As he continued he would inform them all that containing the thread was of the importance, that the biggest way their people could help was to provide for others. High Tinker Pelrose called for the mobilization of Gnomeregan’s Industry, and informed the people they would provide for their allies.

    When he finished the High Tinker returned to his room. Thinking over the matters that were to come.

    Dear Indiviudal,
    I am High Tinker Pelrose Stormthrottle of Gnomeregan. The war with the demonic hordes is an important one that should be swiftly eradicated. I ask nothing of you, but only of what you want. Supplies for armies, tanks, and other materials we are willing to give to quell this threat. We are willing to give your Military a great ability to wage war, and all we ask is that you supply us with coin to produce these materials. Because we are at war with monsters the prices will be reduced. If you are interested reply swiftly as time is of the essence.
    ~ Pelrose Stormthrottle

    2,000 Gnomes added to the Gnomish Foreign Legion
    1,000 added to the Military Police
    Analysis of the Gemstone (DM Attention)
    Mobilization of the Industry (DM Attention)
    Letters sent to all Nations contributing in the war against the Legion.

    Research into a Vechicle that could Transport Tanks (3 turns)
    Research into Bolt-Action Rifles (5 turns)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

    Post by Cpt.Kush on Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:43 am


    The Kingdom of Ironforge

    Royal Flag of Ironforge

    Population: 4,000,000
    Manpower: 200,000
    Starting gold: 400,000
    Income per year: 40,000 Or .01*Population
    Population increase per year: 240,000 Or .06*Population.
    Manpower Increase per year:12,000 Or Population increase*.05

    Trumpets, drums and horns sounded. A large tremble of marching, as the previously presumed dead heir, Prince Ivan Bronzebeard II returns to his home nation of Ironforge.
    Followed by his rifle brigade as they enter the throne room, an enraged shout calls out.

    "Baldur! Your claim on my throne are at an end!"

    Roars of fighting, shackles and outrage escapes the halls of Ironforge. The claimant, bastard-son of King Vladim Bronzebeard the IV became nothing but a prisoner in mere hours of the true heir's return.

    As the overture died out, questions and thoughts were left in the mind of the Ironforge Military Council and the whole of Khaz Modan. What now?

    As the few days passed, the Prince took his seat as the head of state, as every man and woman of every aspect of life came to see the true heir crowned.

    "I, Prince Ivan Bronzebeard the Second, son of King Vladim Bronzebeard the Fourth, have returned to see the people of my father, the people of my nation, the people of my blood. I swear oath, the Kingdom of Ironforge will not go neglected under my dedicated watch. I shall carry on my father's patrimony as he did for his father before him, and for the honor of my family, my descendants and my ancestors.

    The people of our kind shall be heard to, and to the glory of our kin, we shall press forward unto peace. Our brethren in Gnomeregan, with us through thick and thin shall receive our aid in return for their loyalty. Today, people of Ironforge, I say to you, we shall return our name to one that makes our enemies cower, and our allies proud.

    For Ironforge
    For the Bronzebeards
    For Khaz Modan"

    As his words echo through the great halls of Dun Morogh, the coronation of King Ivan Bronzebeard II commences.


    Dear Individual,
    I, King Ivan Bronzebeard II speak to you in worry of not only my own nation and it's kin, but of yours and your own. The war this monstrosity brings to our lands is something that is not possible to defeat without perhaps camaraderie among our kind. Therefore I request all of you to seek a friend in the Kingdom of Ironforge. A hand given in friendship should not be returned with hostility.
    Our army has set out for the lands of the demons, and we are to set up a barricade against the Loch. Beyond this barricade, your men are welcome to seek refuge, however, do know that actions against our kingdom will not be taken mildly. The dwarven people are humble and loyal to their cause, and if our cause be to cleanse these lands from the demonic taint, then by the Light, I shall see it done in the name of Khaz Modan.

    Long Live, Light Bless.

    Ambassador sent to Lower Ironforge to speak with the Lord Paramount [Player Attention]
    Messengers sent to all nations who war against the Legion. [Player Attention]
    Royal Rifle Brigade of 5,000 sent to protect the way towards Blackrock. [DM Attention]
    Royal Rifle Brigade of 10,000 sent towards Wetlands to prepare a barricade against the Legion. [DM Attention]
    Mining Companies of 5,000 sent to dig up materials around Khaz Modan. [DM Attention]

    Bolt-Action Rifles (1 year & 9 months left)
    Modern Steam Tank (1 year & 9 months left)

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    Re: Warcraft Nations- IC Thread.

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    Year 20, Fall.

    The Federal Republic of Hillsbrad: The fortifications along the Alteraci border begin construction, albeit to a disgruntled populace with the mass mobilization. Many out-right stating that the government has no idea what it’s doing, due to this public out-cry no private investor takes up the contracts to construct the fortifications. Many instead focusing on manufacturing weapons for the war effort. Men begin to enlist in droves, prepared to fight the demonic threat. (40% Of your population have been mobilized to fight. ) The raised Tariffs begin to decrease production and manufacturing for the war effort, the Council of the National Executive request that the National Confidence decrease Tariffs to better facilitate manufacturing for the War Effort.  (-240,000 Gold per’ year, if by the end of the year something does not occur you will not be able to supply your men.)

    The Kingdom of Lordaeron:  Skybreaker, and all of the zeppelins have begun to re-arm. (1 DM Post) As the call from the Archbishop goes out, it resounds across the Kingdom. Men, women, even children marshal to the nearest  church many making their way to Tyrs Hand to begin the Holy Crusade. (New Faction created, The Crusade. The Crusade, is now an NPC faction that will be controlled by me. Currently, they have garnered nearly 200,000 men and women.) The dwindling supplies of True Silver that Lordaeron has are sent to the Wetlands, Saidan Dathrohan sending his thanks as they arrive. (Frontline forces, supplies with True Silver for two DM posts.) Meanwhile, within the Kingdom the mobilization goes well hundreds of thousands of young men reporting to the nearest recruiting office prepared to fight. (1 DM Post to Marshal your 800,000 and then another for them to reach the front.)

    Kingdom of Lower Ironforge: The Anti-Repel Propaganda, seems to go well enough. Many Dwarves enlisting into the military, the Humans however seem more begrudging. (+10,000 Dwarves) The properties and valuables of the rebels and humans, who have fled, bring little to the treasury as most have been taken or are being defended by the Humans. (+5,000 Gold) Halting the Dwarves from slaughtering their Humans, seems to be a more difficult matter however. Several out-right calling the Lord Paramount a Human loving Coward. (Refusal to stop the slaughtering of Humans.)

    Kingdom of Stormwind: Humans continue to stream into the lands controlled by Prince Wrynn, many enlisting in the armed forces frightened for their lives from there former Dwarven Masters. (+5,000 men) Kul’Tiras ships pull into port, bringing with them food and weapons for the defenders. (+10,000 Gold) Men seemed to of also come along, a number of them to fight for humanity. (+10,000 Kul’Tirasians)

    The Kingdom of Kul’Tiras: The City begins a massive renovation, new land is parceled out for factories and public constructions. This causes a mass amount of private investors from across the Kingdoms to flood to the small island nation. (Industrialists have arrived in droves, purchasing new land.) The Tuskboar, however, are slaughtered in Kalimdor. Though a large number of casualties are sustained, the Tuskboar are routed . (-5,000 Men) The men and supplies arrive in Stormwind. (-10,000 Soldiers, -10,000 Gold.)

    The Federal Republic of Gilneas:  The Men are mobilized and they begin to ship-out from Gilnean Ports, the Tirisian ships carrying them to Menethil Harbor. (No increase in population. 14,500 gold Per Year instead of 25,000.) The mass tax breaks, and tax incentives usher in a large amount of Trisian and Lordaeron industrialists. Thousands upon thousands enter the small nation, beginning construction upon a mass number of factories. (Your income has gone into the red. -25,000 per year) The men begin to cross the sea, it will take some time for them to arrive and return. (1 Dm Post to return.)

    The Gnomish Confederacy: The industry is mobilized, the factories begin to thum’ prepared to produce a mass amount of goods for warfare. The analysis of the gemstone proves interesting, it seems to hold a mass amount of what the magi would call ‘mana’. (Industry is mobilized.)

    The Kingdom of Ironforge: The men reach the entrance to Blackrock, they begin to fortify the passageway. (Begin digging in, 1 DM Post) The Royal Rifle Brigade, is sent towards the wetlands and have begun to barricade the entrance into the Loch. They encounter a few demons as they have begun fortifications, however they seen word to Ironforge that they need more men if they’re to hold the fortifications. The Mining Companies begin to find a number of different minerals, most mining companies finding Gold,Iron, and True Silver.

    -The Front-

    Saidan Dathrohan, though having received the supplies from home requests immediate reinforcements. The numberless demons marching ever forward towards their fortifications, he states that though holding he’s not sure how long he can expect the Stromgardians to hold. He states that they’re taking the brunt of the assault from the Demons, as they’re attempting to break the Stromgardians so they can surround Menethil harbor. (Player Attention)

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