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    Sliver Of Darkness Application Thread


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    Sliver Of Darkness Application Thread

    Post by Khama on Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:23 am

    Down below you will find the Application formats and what you can play. Pretty simple, just post your applications down below and when I get around to accepting/denying them I will.

    <Insert Tuldrek Clan>
    <Insert Beastmen Tribe>
    Letharia ~ Wood Elf
    Elandor ~ High Elf
    Principality of Aelira ~ Human
    Archduchy of Madoran ~ Predominantly Human, some High Elf
    Kingdom of Athil ~ Human
    Principality of Ilora ~ Predominantly Human, some Elf, a few Dwarves
    Grand Duchy of Porcus ~ Predominantly Human, dwarves.
    Barony of Keldim ~ Human
    Barony of Basil ~ Human
    Principality of Oron ~ Human
    Duchy of Kiln ~ Human
    Duchy of Ailerna ~ Predominantly Human, some High Elf

    Human Nation
    Land(Insert from playable):
    Preferred Geographical Location(Central, North, East, West, South):
    Family's Religion:

    Elf Nation
    Family's Religion:

    Predominant Race:
    Other Race(If applicable):
    Worshiped Primal God, or Spirit:
    Population(s), (1,000-20,000):  
    Military(1k per 5k pop):
    Brief Background:
    Magic Type(s):
    Magic users(5 per 5k):  
    Wealth: Animals(Choose a combination that at max adds up to 840 of Cattle, sheep, and Goats.), Coins (Choose a combination that adds up to a max up to 4,000 of Quartz, amber, Iron, or normal coins.)

    Clan Name:
    Basic Backstory:
    Tuldrek Population(5,000-15,000):
    Magic Users(7 per 1k pop):
    Military(1k per 5k pop):
    Tudrek Wealth: 3,000-8,000 iron coins, Animals(Up to 250 with a mix between sheep and cattle)


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    Re: Sliver Of Darkness Application Thread

    Post by BestBe on Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:05 pm

    -Fancy Picture, that I can't be asked to find right now.-

    -Fancy Border, that I can't be asked to find right now.-

    Country: Letharia

    Ruler: Airdan  II The Young

    -Fancy Border, that I can't be asked to find right now.-

    Family Background: Airdan the Great lead those that would follow him deep into the forests of Ishlan’Kal, with his leadership they built a new kingdom within the forests. Focused on finding a true balance with nature, they immersed themselves completely. With the finding of what is believed to be the mortal for of Verna the Goddess of Protection the elves founded their city atop the massive mountain overlooking the forest. At the height they constructed with Verna at the center, the line of Airdan the Great has followed his lead ever since his death. One son whether it is a blessing or a curse is only ever born to the line, the past five Kings have had no brothers only sisters. With –no- siblings Airdan II the Young has taken the throne, his father abdicating it after having groomed him to take it for nearly two-hundred years.

    National History: After the fall of the Elven Empire, a singular elf lead others of his kind deep into the forests of the west. Some say so far in so that they would never be found again and could live in peace. This mans’ name was Airdan the Great, leader of the Lasli within the forest of Esyf Alari. He made his seat, and the Kingdoms namesake Letharia an elven city raised high into the sky sitting atop a mountain to overlook the forest that surrounds it. With no love for other elves or the other races of the world, they closed off themselves within the forest of Esyf Alari focusing on growing their people closer to nature and closer to one another. This lasted for nearly twelve hundred years, the elves un-touched by the horrors that plague the rest of their world while they protected their forest focused on growing the numerous elven settlements within the forest and keeping out any would be seekers.

    Twelve hundred years passed, five kings long dead, now Airdan II takes the throne of the great Letharian elves. His ascension passed with little consequence, having been groomed to lead their people for nearly two-hundred years his father passed the throne to him. Taking his leave to live out his final days within the forest, to live with nature once more before it takes him and he becomes one with the forest.

    Economy: Amongst the Lasli of Letharia trade has flourished amongst themselves, as different areas of the forest produce different crops and fruits which are made into various wines or delicious food. Just as well, a currency issued by the crown is circulated unlike the barbaric humans this currency is drift wood or fallen branches that have been infused with nature magic to form a currency that unlike human coins cannot be counterfeited. However, even with this endorsed currency the Letharian economy is far from booming it stays just as it had been for a thousand years as they’ve had little to no trade with any but themselves. Instead, they focus on self-preservation and the growth of the Lasli populace.

    -Fancy Border, that I can't be asked to find right now.-

    Cultural festivals:
                                                   Festival of Alan’Kar: Once every ten years the festival of Alan’Kar is preformed, a fertility festival used to boost the morale of the populace at large as well as to encourage the constant growth of the Lasli race.

                                                   Day of Ralan: Performed once a year, this day serves as both a reprieve from regular work functions within the nation as well as a day of worship towards Ralan the god of the sky.

                                                   Birth of Farnl: A weeklong celebration of rebirth that occurs once every fifty years to celebrate the death of those taken within the past fifty years. By old age or other causes, this is a time of mourning and celebration.
                                                   The Strength of Verna: Once a year across the forests of Ishlan’Kal just before a new dawn breaks on the final new moon of winter the elves begin to sing. Collectively, all across the forest they begin to sing praising the strength of Verna for protecting them once more. Within the city of Letharia the people take the day to surround the mortal form of Verna. Worshipping her and presenting offerings to thank her for her continued protection.

                                                   The Ancestral call: Every five hundred years, the elves sing and call for their ancestors of old. This is a month long celebration where the elves seek the guidance of their elders, seeking reproach from their daily lives and providing offerings to both their ancestors and the spirits of nature. As with the call of the ancestors the spirits of nature gather, congregating to provide what little help they can.

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